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Rift S is dead

Honored Guest

So basically, from one day to the other, my Oculus Rift S, which is a refurbished headset because the original one decided to **bleep** itself through software, now just, purely does not work. I have tried all of the typical troubleshooting steps.

I am astounded at this, and the fact that it's simply not possible to get support on the official Oculus Support page anything regarding help for this headset. (Aside of it using an entirely different account because REASONS, making me not see Support's responses about a Quest 2, which I do not own, and clearly state in the ticket that it's about an Oculus Rift S)

What do I do? Almost 1 year of pure **bleep**ing pain dealing with constant connectivity problems and things simply not working (and I only need the **bleep**ing headset, I'm into simracing and it's what I use it for mostly!).

I just want my cool VR experiences, and all of this has kinda killed it for me.