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Rift Screen Artifacting

Level 2

So basically what happened is that my oculus rift kinda "broke". So according to the oculus app everything is okey dokey but on the headset side the signal seems to be broken. i know my graphics card (hd 7950) is underpowered but it worked last time i tried absolutely fine. It seems to be that the artifacting.  A view inside 20220716_181528.jpg

My rig



16gb ram


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Andreaskhoi! From what you said, it looks like your GPU doesn't quite meet the minimum requirements for using your Rift. While you may have been able to use it before without issue, it's likely you will run into issues like this if your set up isn't compatible with your Rift. Our best recommendation would be to get a GPU compatible with using your headset! You can find some more info on the minimum PC requirements for your Rift here.