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Roblox VR Crashing on Quest Link

I use both Link and Virtual Desktop at different times. When I use the link in Roblox VR it crashes in under 5 minutes. It goes into an odd state where it shows right footage on the moniter, but on the headset it shows only a portion of the actual view. I have learned Virtual Desktop does not work at all, so how do I prevent crashing on the Link?

I think it was my cord. I'll look into it

If you have any ideas please share tho

Did you find a fix? I have the same issue.

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I have the issue too, yet I have not found a fix for it.

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Bro I am having the same **bleep**ing issue and it pisses me off, except I’m doing it wireless, I have a very good internet connection and everything yet it crashes, I don’t know why 

Sorry to hear that, since we don't officially support Roblox VR, we have no way of providing accurate troubleshooting. I'd suggest doing basic troubleshooting like restarting your PC and Router. Have you already tried reaching out to Roblox Support about this issue?

If you need assistance, please send a PM to MetaQuestSupport!
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