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Looked at a bunch of other posts and cant solve this issue. My headset was working fine until today where i was forced to get a using a meta account. Since then all i get is a "Facebook Session Expired" error. I've uninstalled Facebook and Oculus apps and reinstalled, no change. I created a new FB account and Linked it but again when i open the Oculus Gear VR app i get that error, rebooted the device, no change, removed all FB accounts from my device (S9+) and added only the new account, no change. My old Oculus account doesn't work as i get a "No network Connection" error there. WTF is up with Meta forcing users into this crap that is rife with issues. And I cant raise a ticket because there is no support option for Gear VR. And I refuse to buy a $400 headset just on principle...My existing one worked just fine until today.

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**bleep** load of shame on meta. You just dont care. 

Honored Guest

Honored Guest

I have an oculus account for using my gear vr. I downloaded some apps (youtube vr, deovr streaming...). It always used to work untill yesterday. When I open my oculus account it says there is a problem with "The store". I can still see my apps in my library but i can't install them. I can't even delete and reinstall them. In fact i can't install anything anymore.

Any ideas on how to solve this?



my apps are not open my galaxy s9+gr vr SM:R325 model-

Facebook Session Expired

Your Facebook session has expired or is invalid. Please log in to Facebook again


You turned a platform that was exciting and affordable for artist's and architect's to experiment with into something unusable because of your Meta greed. Please reinstate our ability to use our Gear VR! Just allow us to login, you don't need to "update" just don't take away existing privileges. When I login with FB it tells me i'm not logged ijn when I am, when i try to login with old occulus account it says "no network connection." I just tried this with a second galaxy S8's and get the same result I had with a previous one. About a year ago I had some threads with your support who said at the time your engineers were working on it. In my view this is outrageous, it appears you break the ability to use an older product that still physically works in order for people to buy new stuff from you that is essentially the same technology. This is terrible PR! You are making enemies of many who have pioneered work in VR and have helped spread the word in its early years!


Does anybody have a copy of the original terms and conditions for the oculus samsung vr device and software? I'm a lawyer and would like to take a look at them.


when i try to pair my samsung vr gear the the app it says the i have been logged out of facebook session,if i try with email it just says email or password is wrong...and clearly it isnt...this is on a samsung s8 that hasn't been updated....thanks

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I have a samsung gear vr and I already have an account but I have been logged out for a year now.
When I tried to log in, I couldn't and all efforts to create a new account were futile
Even i create a new account, I can't sign in.
I have failed to get a solution

The website  seems so slow and almost not responding at all


When I put my phone in the headset it asks me to remove and update software.  I click to check for updates and it lists 10+ apps with updates available but all are 0.0MB. When I click update it says network service error and ask me to retry later. A similar issue happened last year and something needed to be fixed on your end... please don't forget us old customers..

Hello there, @Chalwa699! We appreciate your enthusiasm for the ever-evolving world of virtual reality! 

While Gear VR marked a significant milestone in the VR journey, this device is no longer in production. Starting March 18th 2024 all Gear VR devices will not be receiving any further updates or allowing app installations and will stay as is.

We understand the impact this may have on your VR experience and we thank you for your understanding. We are so grateful that you continue to be a part of our vibrant community and we look forward to sharing the exciting future of VR with you. Although we're no longer supporting Gear VR, Customer Support is always here to help. We appreciate your time, and have a great day!

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