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Seeking community input on 60 day issue with Quest 2 Replacement and Meta Customer Service Issues



Hello everyone,

I’m reaching out to the community after running into a wall with Meta’s customer service regarding my Quest 2. The saga began in early December when a gyroscope failure led to a physical injury. Meta agreed to replace the unit, but what followed has been a frustrating mix of delays, defective replacements, and customer service mishaps, severely impacting my work as a developer and adding unnecessary stress.

The Journey So Far:

• Initial Replacement Delay: The process, which was supposed to be quick, stretched well into January, disrupting my projects.
• Defective Replacement: The refurbished Quest 2 I received had significant issues: chromatic aberration, lens misalignment, and poor battery life, making it nearly unusable for both work and play.
• Customer Service Challenges: Despite returning my original unit with a provided UPS label (and having delivery confirmation), I’m still being threatened with charges for not returning the headset. This confusion seems to stem from Meta’s mishandling of their own return labels.

As of tonight, the situation has not improved, and the threats of being charged remain, despite my repeated attempts to resolve the issue and provide proof of return (I have attached the delivery receipt from UPS in 3 WhatsApp chats, to 6 front line agents and 4 “next level of service” agents and each of them have told me they dont have a record of a delivery receipt sent previously, but I have the chat and email history to prove it.   

i have heard bad stories that if I raise to much of a Tully’s the’ll shut communications down on me altogether and brick my account. Petrifying as this is my primary source income. . . 

I’m at a loss and could really use the community’s advice. Has anyone else experienced similar issues with Meta? How did you manage to get them resolved? Any suggestions on how to effectively communicate with Meta or escalate the issue would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help and insights. It’s been a tough couple of months, (today will be day 61 with the issue unresolved) and any guidance on how to navigate this would be a relief.

My sincerest thanks. 


Yet another day passed -  after weeks of having agents who are front line email, next level of service, and WhatsApp chat say they would assist yet it is now day 62 and I do not have the working replacement quest 2 after returning my quest 2 via ups with metaaaaaaaas label as promised, even with my sending the delivery confirmation to meta's teams 12 different times and being told I would be taken care of by the following agents and more (this list is incomplete):  Ethan, Max, Zai, Mario, Aracel, Sharhrose, Jack, Tom, Joe, Lisa, Paulina, Rose Anne, Sally, Sophia, Leeyah, Mishka, Andiswa, Jazz, Aboo-Bakr, Evainne, Selwyn, Robert, Ashlyn, Cebisa, Alfie, Marc, Dachne’ and several others. 
If I get a response from meta, it comes no more than once per day and it is either to accuse me of not returning the quest 2 that I have ups’s receipt for ... or it is to tell me to wait a little longer. For weeks this has been the case - round and round and round..     
Community, any suggestions or ideas whatsoever?  Your tips, suggestions, ideas, support, or any help or leads  would be so appreciated.  Thanks all. 


Hey there, @HappyPlaceTrvlr! We're very glad to see you've sent us a PM! We're eager to look into this issue for you, so please get back to us there when you get a chance. We'll be looking out for your next message! 

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Unfortunately I have not heard from the Meta store support team since early morning on the 10th, despite my having sent 2 emails wherein I told them it was urgent. The level of service was so incredibly poor in the early morning reply I received on the 10th.  even though an advanced replacement is secured with a credit card, and with all of the trouble I have experienced in about 70 days of dealing with this,  the ironically titled “next level of service agent” would not let me do the advanced replacement option and without explanation, even though multiple front line and next level of service agents before her had told me that the advanced replacement path is the one I would be taking if i wanted to choose that option.   But when I asked requested reconsideration, communications ceased and I have heard nothing since the morning of Feb 10 (4 days). 
here is the email I sent in reply to her rather dismissive and non-customer friendly email

subject: Request for Reconsideration


Meta Store Support
Meta Platforms, Inc.
1 Hacker Way
Menlo Park, California 
February 10, 2024
I am writing to express my strong concern regarding the process of replacing my Quest 2 headset. It is disconcerting to note that despite having initially reported the issue over 65 days ago, I am yet to receive a functional replacement unit. This extended delay has had significant repercussions, including substantial medical expenses and the loss of a major contract, directly attributable to the malfunctioning device provided.
The request for me to return my current unit before receiving an advanced replacement adds further to the inconvenience and does not seem justifiable, especially considering the extensive communication, exceeding 40 separate interactions, and the confusion caused by the issuance of multiple return labels within a short timeframe. This has only compounded the delay and frustration.
Given these circumstances, I urge you to reevaluate the proposed process for handling my replacement. It is imperative that a more expedient and less burdensome solution be found to rectify the situation, ensuring that I am not further disadvantaged by the delays and errors that have occurred thus far.
I look forward to your prompt action and a satisfactory resolution to this matter.
That this agent would do this,  even though the terms of the advanced replacement clearly incl a situation like mine and, again, I would be securing the financial liability with a credit card, after meta lost the headset I returned last time ,  so after not having heard back 48 hours later; I wrote a 2nd email.


Subject: Immediate Response Required Regarding Quest 2 Headset Replacement


Dear Marian and Meta Store Support Team,
I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to follow up on my previous correspondence dated February 10, 2024, regarding the replacement of my Quest 2 headset. As of today, 2 and a half days have passed without a response to my last email. Given the gravity of my situation, including the substantial medical expenses and the loss of a major contract directly attributable to the malfunctioning device, it is imperative that this matter is addressed with the utmost urgency.
I understand that delays can occur, but considering the extensive history of approaching 50 separate interactions without a resolution, I am compelled to emphasize the need for immediate action on your part. The lack of a functional replacement for over 68 days has not only inconvenienced me but also resulted in significant personal and financial harm.
Please consider this email a formal request for a prompt and definitive update on the status of my replacement unit, including a firm date by which I can expect to receive it. Your immediate attention to this matter is crucial.
I value our relationship and believe in finding a mutually satisfactory resolution. However, considering the impact of this situation, it is imperative that we expedite a resolution. I am hopeful for a swift response to this message, as it will greatly influence my next steps in seeking a resolution.
I appreciate your attention to this urgent matter and look forward to your prompt response.
Thank you for your prompt attention to this urgent matter.


And still  I have heard nothing from them.   Sadly, I know that I am just a number meta and that if I attempted to push back, I would be the one to suffer, as is documented extensively in dozens if not hundreds of war hand accounts  of getting poor service from meta store support. Also from those accounts I have come to understand that if I chose to take it further, the very well funded legal team  at meta has a budget larger in a day than I make in a year.   It doesn’t mean i wouldn’t attempt it, but it does mean that my level of patience is nearing  and end having been pushed into a corner of choosing to put my Oculus/meta Quest memories in my past and walk away or take further action of a more formal sort. Neither seems optimal when this is about a headset that was Metas problem that they dumped on me instead of completely refurbishing it and getting me one  that was both in full working order AND that kept their commitment to me after my injury.  

j appreciate Meta Community support as you are the one highlight in service, even though your team doesn’t have the necessary tools or permissions to help resolve this issue.  And I thank my fellow community members who have written me personally on X and discord and email for your support, and I definitely understand why you didn’t  respond here or by a meta-based DM. 

if anyone has other ideas, I would be so grateful. Have a positive and powerful day, everyone.