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Stationary guardian - red circles for arms

Level 3

I have noticed that my Stationary Guardian now shows me vertical grid and circles where my hands pass the boundaries, it's very narrow and super annoying and inconvenient in games. You can't see the game itself behind all that. Is there a way to switch it off and just leave blue circle line on the floor and guardian for just the device, where it's showing the room?


I think the stationary boundary is only intended for times when you will be sitting still and not waving your ams around, ie watching a movie that isn't The Rocky Horror Picture Show. If you are more active, use a standard boundary or, if you really don't like the guardian, turn it off in the developer menu.

It used to work fine just earlier this week, I'd like to somehow return its behavior to how it was before that. I mean I've played two months with it like that, and have no idea what happened all of a sudden.


I am standing within the circle, but stretching arm at a full length makes the wall appear and hinder my gameplay.

Level 3

After a reboot it just suddenly fixed itself. Weird.