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Support for low vision users.

Hello. I finally got my Quest 2 and it works really well.
I have only 2 things I've run into so far.
The first is what I figured. During the setup, the environment was a static sphere, like what you see in a 3d video.
So, I could not lean in to read anything. It all looks like lines to me, except for the larger titles.
When I got into the home environment, I was stoked to find I could lean into the menus, but it would be nice to pull them to where I can see them.
I think I can, I just need to figure out how.
The other issue out of the 2 was the distance I'd have to walk to see the back window/browser where the store and other content would be.
I don't have the floor space right now to allow that to work. So I get stopped by the guardian before I can reach the browser window.

Can any adjustments be made to open the browser in a window that I can grab and pull towartd me, like in bigscreen VR. 
I can resize the window in big screen VR and pull it towards me.

Other than that, I love this so much. I don't care about the privacy. Thank you for coming up with this and making it amazing. Now I can get into PCVR.

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I have just received my quest 2 and it's amazing but would love to be able to pinch open windows to either zoom in as I find it hard to read the text with a big play space.

I hope they can put something in the firmware thus would really help

Expert Protege
If you hold the right Oculus button it should reset the menu to be in front of you. Sometimes the menu shows up way out there for me, just hold the button and it pops back in front of you. Maybe this is the problem?

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Hello Meta, 


I work in IT and use the Oculas/Meta 2  VR. I would like to join the accessibility beta testing program if that exists. Please contact directly for my Microsoft email. I would love to help out testing  the accessibility features as I’m a low vision guy myself