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Synced videos just have wifi symbol with exclamation mark

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I cant view synced videos on the oculus app, i synced them to my phone and they show there but i cant actually watch them theres just this wifi symbol with a “!” I have a stable internet connection so i dont know why i cant watch them


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Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey everyone, thanks so much for all the information that I've been able to get to our internal team. As for now, this is something that we'll be actively looking into and working on.

In the meantime, I recommend submitting a bug report if you're currently experiencing this issue so that our engineers can get more in-depth information.

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So on my oculus I've been able to click the cloud button to sync but on my oculus app it just says "nothing here yet" 


I've definitely allowed the permissions for not only my phone allowing media access to the app and aswell I believe I've don't everything correct on my headset as it even says my files have been synced. 


Both phone app and headset are up to date versions and I've restarted both. I'm standalone as I don't have a pc but I really want to be able to have the videos on my phone.


Hello, thanks for reaching out! We see that you're experiencing trouble retrieving your synced media on the Oculus app for your Android phone. We understand how important it is to have the apps working on your phone since you're standalone. Nevertheless, we're glad to be able to assist you. Let's try the following steps below if you haven't done so already.


From the Files app, you can sync any media you've captured in VR to your Oculus mobile app.

To turn automatic media sync on or off:

  1. Select  to open Apps.
  2. Select the Files app.
  3. Under Recents, select  or  to turn automatic media syncing on or off.

To manually sync or unsync individual files:

  1. Select  to open Apps.
  2. Select the Files app.
  3. Navigate to a specific file and select white horizontal three dot , then select sync or unsync.


Looking forward to hearing from you! 

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Hi again.


I've tried this multiple times, even unscyned and synced again.


I've also manually done it too and I even get a notification saying it's synced and can view it on my mobile device. But then it still says "nothing here yet" on my phone.  my oculus is connected to my phone but still nothing shows up.


I'm not sure if this is a redownload the oculus app type of problem or a factory reset on my oculus, but then won't  I loose all my media? 

Hello, thanks for getting back to us. We do not like to hear that you are still continuing to experience the same issue. Rest assured, we're here to help. We understand your hesitation with performing a factory reset mainly because it is irreversible and will remove all account information, downloaded games, and content from the headset. However, a factory reset will not remove content you've purchased or downloaded from your account and will resolve the vast majority of all issues. 


Should you decide to perform a factory reset, you may click here to do so. 


Let us know if you need further assistance. 🙂

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@MetaQuestSupport , please follow the following for reproduce steps

1) on the Android phone, go to the Oculus app

2) go to 'Devices' tab

3) See your device there, and note the absence of 'Synced Media'

   What should happen: There should be a 'Synced (something)'

   What actually happened: There is no option to view synced media.


Looks like a problem with the android oculus app.


Hi oculus support, i really hope you are reading this since i've heard of ALOT of people having this issue with the file sync on the android app. Factory resetting the headset is NOT the solution and it doesn't fix any problems regarding the android app itself. 


It seems like you have some sort of bug with the app updates, because if you have had the app for a while (i don't know the exact time this occurred, but it should be about the same time as you made the update to the app itself, changing the "device" tab to "media" tab.


The problem is that even tho you have updated the oculus app in play store, you don't have the updated app on your android device. The simple solution to this problem is the following. Uninstall the app and install it again ON YOUR PHONE.


I hope you see this information and can use it to help other quest users, i have spent hours upon hours looking for my files in the oculus app, since you don't have any straight forward information as to where it is lcoated in the app, and how to fix it if it ain't there. I would suggest that you add this information to your support pages talking about files, eg the following article


Best regards: Jonatan

I went rounds with support on this today. Thank you, Denisa.
Summary: Version of the Android App should give you a 'Gallery' feature which should have your sync'd media.

Play Store may not recognize a new version needs to come down, forcing you to uninstall and re-install to get new version.

Support people, both available through support chat and in this forum, occasionally confuse the following:
- The Quest 2 software version
- The Android Oculus app version on your phone

- The Android OS version

This is no longer about the individual people.  It is about about department management and training.



It has the same issue with the iPhone app. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app and nothing works. Quite annoying 

Hi CalebRayy! We know how disheartening it is when your apps are not working properly. Please make sure you have version IOS 10 downloaded in order for this to work. If you have IOS 10 and you're still having complications, please reach out to us here, so we can further assist you. 

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