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The "Not Recommend" 3050 support

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So as most people already know, 3050 mobile variants are not "recommended" by Oculus due to "low memory and computing power". Yet 1650 super with 4gb VRAM is supported and has similar performance.



So what I see here is Oculus first though they could support this card and made the claims (can be found on older posts) but now they see that such work takes too much time and budged and decided it is not worth it. But since they promised and wrote it as supported on compatibility table, They try to dodge such issues by using phrases like "Not recommended" (as if support and recommend both have the same meaning) and "We are working on it but We don't know when it will be done" (Which means We aren't working on it) instead of straight up telling people not to buy either the headset or the GPU. And these "helpful forum members" try to blame Nvidia for "releasing a bad card" and blame you with "You should have done Your research better". Luckily I just bought the Quest and will return it without opening it up so you guys can  shove it up your storage. I am just sad that how many people are just fooled to buy laptops and headsets only to realize it is useless.

I hope some user is a lawyer and stands up for all the people who just got scammed out of their money and time.

I also have the screenshot of compatibility table in case some "updates" happen.


Level 14

You really have no idea what your talking about. A mobile 3050 has non of tdp.  Also have you looked at full spec sheet for 3050 series, Nvidia even states its not recommended for vr.


This more on the nvidia side of the table, the got into a bind when they couldn't meet market demand, Vr isn't just about raw card horse power there needs to be encoder methods available for the link to work.


Also quest 2 is excellent on its own i would say despite it quirks and issues sill the most competitive and innovative piece of kit with out a gaming pc.  With a proper gaming pc, NOT A LAPTOP its better than the index and vive.

Level 3

Technical possibility of running the link with 3050 is not our topic. (Although I would appriciate the detailed explanation). 

Our topic is Oculus doesn't support a hardware it "doesn't recommend".If the compatibility matrix would have said (rtx 3050 mobile IS NOT SUPPORTED) there wouldn't be 65 support entries in this forum. But instead of updating requirements nearly 6 months ago Oculus;


1- Claimed they are working for a solution (Possibily waiting for a solution from Nvidia).

2-After Nvidia screwed them over instead of working out a possible solution, slapped a not recommended asterix and ghosted their users.


And Oculus still haven't updated their system requirements.



And I saw that link as well and personally contacted Nvidia because Geforce Experience claimed my system was VR ready.



But Oculus isn't Nvidia is it? (Although they are not innocent either) You claim to support the hardware, you don't get to say Nvidia doesn't support it anyway.


Oculus must either;

Update their requirements and apologize and compansate users who waited months for a support istead of returning the hardware


Work out a temporary link solution (or a work around), and fix it over time.


But I doubt anybody will listen because nobody cared thus far.


its not that anyone would listen or care as you put it.  I get your kinda salty for not doing proper research,   You clearly don't fully understand all the ins and outs for link or air link.  


But the vast majority 3050 users are not in it for vr.  They just wanted a "next-gen" gpu in a time when laptops are over looked.


Honestly laptops are bad period for VR, Keep in mind that vr is a wide range early steam vr to what is currently out there is a wide range.  


There is a work around for oculus link and you can still use steam vr games with a 3050, but the milage may vary because the 3050 features are not in line good vr experience.


get virtual desktop for the quest

and the desktop streamer


then you can access games in the games tab.


Oculus can choose support what ever configurations they want to, and they never said they would support all 30 series cards.  There is a rate return on supporting less than ideal cards, engineers need to work around the clock to validate them.

The gpu benchmark site is a good site for getting information but you have to know how to interpret it.  The distribution chart is where you need to look.



While the 3050 can edge the 1650S out by 2% at its best, it is not consistent because the binned gpus used for the 3050 is not consistent enough for a validation of the card.  There are far too many 3050 mobile variants that dont make the mark in performance standard for oculus to reliability validate across the range.  The range of 3050's is really bad, in addition to laptops being inconsistent for tdp they are simply under volted for efficiency reasons.


tdp for 3050 mobile is approx 75 watts at ideal.

tdp for 1650s is 100 watts


25 watts is huge when it comes to renedering. 

Level 3

Firsti lets make something clear. "Not recommended" is not the same thing as "not supported".


Never said they would support all 30 series eh..


And I know it is 3050 TI but is it fixed? (It is a laptop gpu btw check the link)


But you already knew that since you also commented on the same thread.



You also think the same, compatibility chart chart should have been updated long time ago.


And I don't get why you accuse other people of "not doing your research". Oculus claims to support it.

I don't care if Nvidia didn't give support to the API or Libraries Oculus uses.


And I get that it may not be economically feasable to give support as well.

Again, we would't be having this conversation if compatibility chart was updated months ago.

But, this?

There is no excuse!


And nobody is blaming the engineers or support team, this is the issue with management, project planning and public releations.


I see.

Performance issue is understandable.

But do you even let the people experience poor performance?


You just block people from using the software with "hardware not compatible message".

Is the rendering done by the link software? (I highly doubt it)

We wouldnt have this conversation if you just let people experience poor rendering performance on games (Although old games would still be playable on 1080P) and kept the chart same.

Error message and not updating the chart is the issue.

Should have chosen only one of them.

So you necro digged.  The only thing i will blame oculus is the length of time before the disclosure about the 3050, i stand behind everything i say.  Also i am not employee of oculus, i work in medical device sector.  


I can understand oculus response, they updated the combability chart which is minimum requirement and they are covered.  Also i still believe laptops and 3050 cards are sol, but all the blame must be distributed.


users-they are free to do own research and prior to the 3050 coming i routinely said always go bigger gpu for vr.  3060ti is actually the bare min for current vr experience.  Till this day a 3090 can't even unlock full quest 2 range, i will imagine once 4090 or even beyond that the full realization of the quest 2 will be unlocked.  Cheap cards only set a cap on expectations what game developer wants to work with a cap of 3050?


raw chip suppliers-the demand just far out paced the supply and chip suppliers were caught with there pants down, but to produce chips you got to build equipment to make those chips.  ASML the chip leader in the world is doing great things but to spends 40 million on a chip printer for nvida - i used to produce the parts for these devices it takes massive infrastructure


scalpers-there greed shaped the marketplace for 3050 emergence, if the 3060 ti and 3070 were in wide supply i feel laptops would not even want the 3050


nvidia-changing the market strategy and offloading the unacceptable 3060 chips and badging them into 3050 cards, then not supplying full instructions to them (rushed card to make everyone happy, ends up up pissing off a few who wants to use it for a niche item)


oculus-slow to respond market strategy but some times confused vision (this is more meta than oculus) keep in mind oculus was in transition to the meta brand


 All that being said refunding a boxed quest 2 over something that was not core fore the quest 2 enjoyment is kinda stupid and on your.  Honestly i have 3080 ti and great pc but more often then anything i use the quest 2 without pcvr, and some quest 2 games are stunning even compared to something like psvr and index.


There are many threads like these that trash oculus for the wrong reason, if anything i don't think you like vr.  Vr is a super niche area in gaming.  And if you look at quest 2 top game sales the vast majority are not even getting to what makes vr great.


its all just the average experiences.

I disagree with you because of one simple fact.



Depends on context. The term can be interpreted both ways, depending on how the person views it. If you're looking at it from face value, sure you could interpret it as either one or the other, but I believe it was a more a mixture of both. Companies slap "It is not recommended to xyz" over numerous things. For example, if my car said "It is not recommended to fill your gas tank with diesel" means it's both not recommended, and it is not supported. It's not recommended because it's not supported. It's all a matter of interpretation.

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