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Tips on how to attain the player's boundary type in Oculus Quests VR Preview (UE4-27.2)

Level 2

Hello everyone, I am currently developing a VR game within Unreal Engine 4, and I am trying to ascertain within my blueprint whether or not the player is using a room-scale or stationary boundary while in VR Preview. I have attempted to work with the nodes within the Oculus Library - Guardian folder, however they currently don’t appear to be returning any values. Does anybody know if there is a more simple way to attain this information? The only value I need is the player’s boundary type.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, we'll gladly point you in the right direction! We love to see that you're developing  and creating new and original games for the VR world. Please click HERE, it'll bring you to the developer forums. There you'll be able to discuss and ask questions with other developers.