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UK Warranty Replacement Woes

Level 2

Ticket 4703501




So like so many people on here and it appears, the rest of the internet, I am having issues with my warranty replacement process. 

I reported an issue with my headset (internal fan stopped working) on 28th March 22. I promptly received a delivery label and posted my headset to Meta the next day. I received confirmation from Meta that my headset had been received on 4th April. 

I was told initially that once the headset was received by them, a replacement would be shipped within 3-5 working days. I am still waiting...


I have chased this up every couple of days since and all I seem to get is the same canned responses that other seem to be getting, 'we sympathise', 'we understand', 'I have escalated your ticket' etc etc etc. with no real answer to when I might expect a headset back.   


I have requested, on numerous occasions, a complaints procedure and address to send a written complaint about my experience and receive the same responses, 'we sympathise', 'we understand', 'I have escalated your ticket' etc etc etc..


I believe this to be a breach of the UK consumer rights act. 


I have completely lost faith in both the product and in the company who makes it. 


I intend to contact citizens advice after work today to see if I have any options. Right now I would be happy with a refund or partial refund as I have lost interest in even using the headset now. To be honest the after care service has completely ruined it for me. I do not understand why they refuse to be straight with me about when I can expect to receive a replacement or why it has not been replaced yet. I would have completely understood if they had advised me that it could take a few weeks rather than a few months or that they have some sort of parts issue but instead I get fed ridiculous lines. It shows a total disrespect for their customers and frankly I'm embarrassed for the poor employees who are directed to deal with customers in this way and for what is supposed to be one of the biggest companies in the world.


Sort your S%&T out!        


Level 3

This is pretty much the exact same situation I find myself in. Quest2 had an issue charging and got authorization for RMA.  Sent in, received April 29, and since then it's been contant back and forth trying to find out where my replacement is. I've finally had enough and now asked for my money back so I can just buy a replacement. 

Level 4

You aren't wrong.  The only issue (beyond their complete lack of customer service) is that the UK has nobody to deal with this unless you were smart enough not to buy it directly from Oculus.  I've looked.  Oculus is registered in Ireland.  Meta UK will direct you to them.  They will direct you back to their internal system.  Their internal T&C will direct you to the EU who will tell you that you are no longer a member.  Since it's not a bricks and mortar presence or listed as trading in the UK (that I could find), you are stuffed.  


I've dealt with them twice and both times were horrendous.  The second time was a bit easier, because I knew what to do.  I doubt this knowledge had much to do with the speed that it was resolved.  The reality is they just don't care.  That's not a bug.  It's a feature.  The one good thing about the chat system is that you can keep a record of your correspondence, so they can't deny it.  


If you find a body in the UK that will accept a complaint and actually have authority to hold Oculus to account, please let us all know.  I tried.