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Unable to Login into App (Android) with Meta Account. E-Mail/Password wrong

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I bought the Oculus 2, which has not yet been delivered. I created an Oculus account so that I could get started straight away on the first day. I do NOT have a Facebook/Meta account. This compulsion has been the reason for me not to buy an Oculus so far.


But now I can't log in with the app. I use an Android smartphone. When the app brings up the browser to log in, it tells me email or password is wrong. I have tried Chrome, Firefox and Bromite. As soon as I log out of the PC and want to log in again, I am also told that my email and/or password are incorrect. I then have to reset my password and can use this session - on the PC - until I log off.


Now I read here in the forum that users have had this problem for weeks in different constellations. When can we expect a fix? This problem is very frustrating and dampens the anticipation of the product.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! We are unable to use the link you provided here in the post. Could you please PM us so we can ask you information about your account while keeping it safe? 


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Hello all! "I can't understand the plain copy and pasted response you gave here in the post, because I didn't post a link!" What do you mean? I find it very unfortunate that a company like Meta is not able to implement a login process across platforms.


Again. Every time I try to log in with my Meta account, I get a message that email or password is wrong. Then I reset my password. After I set the new password, I can use the now active session. But as soon as I log out again and want to log in again, the nonsense starts all over again. In the meantime I have tested this on an Android smartphone, an Android tablet, a Windows PC and an Apple iPad.


I'm definitely using the correct email - otherwise I couldn't reset the password. I also use the correct password, but even a stupid password like 12345678Aa only works until I try to log in with it on another device or for a new session.


You have my username, you know my email, you as a company have all the information you need to view my account. It must be possible for support to read my post, understand the problem and determine what the problem is even without PN. Otherwise I bought a useless gadget for 600+ euros, which I will send back immediately.