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Unable to connect phone app to the Quest 2

Honored Guest
Hello, I've recently acquired my new Quest 2 and am struggling with the setup.
My smartphone is old and I suspect it is the problem. It's a Moto G with Android version 5.1. I've seen that the Oculus app is compatible with Android 5.0+ so I hope this is fixable because buying a new phone isn't appealing to me currently. 
The specific problem appears to be with the location connection during the pairing. Even with the location on, the Oculus app asks for the location like it isn't. I've uninstalled the app and reinstalled it but it hasn't affected the issue.
Any help would be super appreciated thank you!


Okay, I've made a UserVoice post about this issue, you can vote for it to attract attention to maybe this will actually get fixed.



F*ck, same problem here, same Android version.
Don't tell me I just buy a Quest 2 to be forced to buy a new phone...

I miss Palmer Luckey and the first Dev team, seriously.


Then make some noise about it. Fact is that Oculus don't seem to care much unless you make enough noise that they practically can't ignore you, especially if you start leaving reviews and dissuading other customers. That's where it really hurts a company, their bottom line.

I'm fully agree with you, but what is 10, 20 or even 100 customers having this problem with old outdated Android phone facing a ton **bleep** of users with no concern at all ?
They don't care at all.

I read all I can before buying another Oculus (I got the Dk2 and Cv1), and I still buying it because a ton **bleep** of users are fully happy with this product.
Once the problem get to most users or a large part, they will fix it asap. This is not the case I'm afraid.

Got in touch with Oculus support, let's see what's happen next.

Oculus Support was kinda useless for me, it was just generic stuff like turn off location access then switch it back on, restart the phone, do a factory reset, all useless (barring the factory reset) and in the end I just borrowed the phone of someone else to start up the headset.

Thing is, once initialized, you can literally delete the app...makes you wonder why the hell you even need to install the goddamn app in the first place! I literally used it for nothing, I just 'connected' the phone to it, then did everything on the headset and didn't even touch the phone, then uninstalled the app.

It's so stupid.


That's exactly where I was.  Again, the frustration would be less if it wasn't for the fact that 

A) I met the system requirements and 

B) Pairing the phone was not later needed. 


Ok, it was exactly what i tought : I bought another phone today (was planned as my old one is really old and slow), and with Android 10 it's working instantly. (Samsung A12 : 160€)

I can now delete this ******** app, and use my Quest2....

Honored Guest

Have the same issue Samsung J3 (2016) it has Andoid 7.11.  What trash.

Honored Guest

Anybody got an answer? Same problem. Samsung Galaxy Prime (model number SM-G530AZ) running Android 5.1.1. Loaded Oculus App from Google store. Won't get past "Select Headset" since "Location access is needed to discover and set up nearby headsets...". Google Maps using location just fine. Why does Oculus even NEED location services? Can't use my Oculus Quest 2 goggles until set up 😞

Honored Guest

I have an iPhone 12 and I’m unable to connect the app to the oculus. For some reason it says it can’t find it.  Anyone else having issues?