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V41 link stutter/lag


ever since the V41 update my friends and i have notice a lot of lag and stuttering when using a link cable with the quest 2. I've tried reinstalling the link app on my pc but there was no improvement. 

it has made most games unplayable for me as every minute or so the game will freeze and drop a few frames.


its not just me around 5 of my friends have the same problem.


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Same here☹️......and here are already a few posts from other people with the same issue.

This vesion is really bad.


@EH63turbo  Seems fine with my Q2/rtx3090 with both Link and Air Link.


For Link go into oculus debug tool (google) and set everything to defaults/zeros/auto except distortion low, bitrate 250-300, and enable link sharpening.  Too high bitrate can cause a lot of stuttering as can having your oculus desktop app device graphics settings (refresh rate and res slider) set too high.


Try this and see how you go.  Otherwise contact oculus support I guess.

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I've tryed that and it all started after v41 never had any problems in the past year of using it even on my 1070 (no on 3070) 

Hey there! We're sorry to hear you and your friends have been having issues with the Link performance after the v41 update. That is not the experience we want for our users, and we know this can be concerning after a year of no issues. Let's work together to get this resolved.


If you haven't done so already, please check to make sure your graphics card and drivers are up to date by following the steps in this support article. If this doesn't help resolve your issue, please collect your logs and submit them in a support ticket here.


We also want to encourage you to submit a bug report so our engineers can take an even closer look at what could be causing these issues. You can find the steps to submit a bug report in this support article

If you're the author of a thread, remember to mark a reply as the Accepted Solution to help others find answers!


Can confirm, playing v41 on Quest 2 with Link causes regular freezes.

They only started happening after updating to v41 firmware on Quest. Updating the Oculus PC app to v41 and keeping Quest 2 on v40 DOES NOT cause this.


The freezes DO NOT happen native. They only happen when using Link with v41 both in the headset and in the app.
The freeze looks like so (notice how the tracking went weee). The picture during that moment inside the headset was frozen.

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Headset: Oculus Quest 2 with Link
Software: 41.0 PC, 40.0 Quest 2

Very well described👍... that's exactly what happens.
I hope they are already working on a fix... I don't know how to downgrade the quest back to v40.

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Yep "me too" - add me to your list - one week has now passed and I'm still awaiting a sensible reply from Oculus Support

It's rather ironic that just before the biggest VR release of this year (F1 22) they break PCVR with V41 update 🙂

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Something changed?!

i still feel some lags, but the scene no longer freezes.

Much better now😃

If that's not just my imagination......Thanks to all who worked on that.