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Video Sync Issues

Honored Guest

Hello there,


Captured a  screencast recording within Meta Quest 2. About 3min / >120MB file.


File sync on.


Mobile bound to Met Quest device, all same network.


Click sync - popup sync begins.


Been trying two days but file is not appearing. Tried a test with a smaller video file (4 seconds) which works fine.


There is no load icon and the device goes into sleep if I leave it, assuming it is loading.


How can I migrate larger files? I.e. usual length for social media post.




Honored Guest

Just to add, a similar issue exists uploading to Facebook directly. I do not want to publish to Facebook but thought a workaround could be to download from there.


Cloud icon is present in the Meta Quest Files app and other images/assets have loaded to the mobile app (iPhone) so assume the system just has a hard time dealing with "large" files.


Context: provide a walkthrough of a space I have designed to wider team. 

Honored Guest

Fixed - had to bypass Oculus/Meta native sync feature and launch Google Drive from the browser. This needs to be sorted, nobody is going to wait half a day for a 3min video. Nothing to do with my connectivity.