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Viewing SBS pictures ?




New Oculus Quest user.

I searched this forum without finding any answer :

How can I view SBS pictures (JPS or MPO extension) using my oculus Quest 2 ?

My picture size : 3840x1080


Thanks in advance.



I'm using Stereo Photo maker.

I did try DEO VR : I get a spheric effect : my 3d pictures are flat, not spheric...


Using the Oculus browser, I can open my 3D online pictures made with Stereo Photo Maker.


Using the STPHMaker js plugin, I switch display to side by side 50 %, then I use fullscreen mode.

Using the Oculus bottom menu, I switch to SBS.

Picture is Ok, 3D is OK.



Loading another picture or reloading same web page : 3D is messed up :

I must close / reopen the Oculus Browser for each picture I want to watch


Any help will be appreciated !



I get now VERY GOOD RESULTS using Firefox Reality.
A must have ! (at least, for me ...)



Unfortunately, slide function does not work.

I must switch Stereo mode off, load another picture, switch Stereo mode on.

And so on.

That is not really useful, even if it does work.

Honored Guest

Pigasus is the best on there, well worth the $5.99 one time fee. You need to set the 3D to side by side full, and set the surround to disable. I believe it does a slide  show but you can toggle with the thumb toggle switch from one pic to the next so no backing out to the thumbnails to select another picture. I recommend using different folders for different photo types simply  because if you are in one 3D setting and then have a picture that is a different format (ie surround or anamorphic etc)  you will have to keep switching the settings back and forth as you scroll through the pics. I have been using for photos I don't want to clog up my Oculus memory with, as long as you don't mind them being public, it is convenient because you can then view them on any device and send links to your VR friends, it does all different sort of formats. Wish they had a slideshow option, and wish they had a toggle option, but it's free! 

Also I basically upload ALL my 3D and VR videos to youtube, it's just easier than loading them into the Oculus. Here's a great playlist of Vegas and other assorted vids I shot with the Canon Dual Fisheye on the R5 

over 100 VR 4k and 8K Test Video Clips 

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE and LIKE the videos so I can monetize it at some point, YouTube won't pay anything until you have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of views.