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Watch self recorded in-game-Videos within in-game-perspective

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Somebody knows if its possible to watch self recorded in-game-Videos within the same in-game-perspective?

Thx very much.





Do you mean watch someone elses recorded game, from their perspective, inside the headset? I wouldn't recommend that, even if it was possible. It's a guaranteed way to make yourself feel nauseous.

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thx for the respond.

No i just want to record or capture my own vr-gameplay of hand physics lab and then watch it again from my vr-perspective. 

is that possible and how?

The same thing wil apply. You'll feel sick. I'm not sure recording a full VR representation is possible, only the 2D version you can cast to a screen.

On reflection, some types of gameplay might work. I've watched iracing replays in VR with little discomfort. I think the important thing would be the frame of reference. If you are inside a moving vehicle but not moving within the vehicle your brain shouldn't get too upset. If you are moving yourself in the in-game replay (as in most FPS games) it would be much harder to convince your brain to accept that.

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Thx for the reply,

The reason why i wanna do that is because i had a stroke in mid 2020 and therefore my left arm is not workin well. The real vr-illusion of hand physics lab with hand tracking helps my brain to restructure the dead zones of it with its ability of plasticity. Iam not doin hard moving parts just (for example) let someone else move his fingers, and the recording of that tracking iam gonna watch again to fall into the illusion, thinking its my hand. 
how is it possible to record that?

I think it would only be possible if the game supports recording its own replays. I don't think anything external to the game could do it.