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What customer service ?


So how long has every1 been waiting for any thing that is been  replacement ? 

Mine is vr unit 2month + and  offerd 20 pound for all my contact I done ... WTF OCULUS 



Mine bricked at the end of October and they’ve had it since November - told me I’m due a replacement. Instead of sending me a replacement all they do is send me some auto-generated creepy email once every fortnight. Not sure what to do! Did you ever receive yours? Here’s my most recent email:-


“Hello Dec,

Thank you for investing your time and effort with me. 

I deeply know how you feel about all this as I'm trying to have this resolved for you as soon as possible. I know as well how important your time is. Thus, I understand you would only like to be updated once we have come up with a final solution. 

I would like to apologize for the long time we have been taking care of your concern. This is far from our intentions. I have followed up again today to the relevant team. Hopefully, we will hear shipping updates for your replacement in the next days. 

I wish I could expedite your concern and sort it out at your earliest convenience. However, I can only do so much as being with you all through out. Till then, keep safe and stay kind!



Nothing just getting same as you and some free credit to use on a game ...  ops forgot how is I going to do that no ******* be to play them on !