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Why can quest 2 owners buy Moss :book 2 while the original quest owners cannot?

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I really enjoyed Moss when it first was released, it's still is a wonderful game. I just dont see a reason to contine buying oculus/meta products if the facebook family is going to shut off its first supporters and not make an effort to include everyone. For anyone who doesn't know Moss : book 2 is not suported for the oculus quest. Meta/facebook blames the developers for not adding suports, but they control which games are developed and made so you cannot blame the developers for producing Moss: book 2 only for quest 2. Meta decided the path before the game was made. This is just the beginning. The promise of keeping the older hardware in the loop is already slipping though the mesh of holes that is Meta's accountabilty. If you are going to continue suporting the oculus quest you need to put in the effort to include all platforms. If you are going to knock down your very foundations to bulid your self up then you are going to have a very high fall off your tower you yourself created. This custmer is dissatisfied with the actions of Meta and its cohorts for leaving behind its very first suporters.  To the new suporters now, be aware your hardware and software are most likey going to lose suport the same way oculus quest users are right now, so its use what you have before its useless because its coming soon.


It hurts wheh tech starts to get left behind, and Meta are worse than most at doing that as any Rift S owner knows well.


However, if boundaries are going to be pushed it's not possible to retain support for the entire legacy hardware line. Moss wasn't offered on the Oculus Go because it wasn't possible. It might have been possible to release a cut-down version but that would have taken extra development time and may not have been worth it for the comparatively low user base. It's the same with Quest, which sold an order of magnitude fewer headsets than Quest 2. Developers are in it to make money and if the sales figures don't promise a profit, why would they make the committment.


You seem to think that Meta decide which games do and don't get made. That's simply not true. They own a small number of developers and provided funding for others in the early days of VR to kickstart the market, but PolyArc, who make Moss 2, are not in that group.


At some point, games need to fully exploit the hardware available to them, and that means the most demanding and ambitious titles leave support for legacy hardware behind. PS5 games may or may not work on PS4. They almost certainly don't work on PS3 and definitely don't work on PS2. That hurts if you are still holding on to your PS2 (and yes, the replacement cycle is much faster in VR - it's a very young industry seeing rapid change) but it's inevitable.

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I would be surprised not to see Moss 2 for PCVR later - then you can play the game with Quest 1 using Link, and it will look much better than the Quest 2 version.

Moss 1 had high-res textures and other enhancements made for PCVR, devs may be working on that now...

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