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Why doesn't my RX 7900 XTX meet minimum specs with Oculus PC software?


I honestly can't believe that nearly a year after the release of this card I'm still getting really poor performance using anything Oculus.

Can someone from support tell me why I'm still getting a message saying that my 'flagship' graphics card doesn't meet minimum specifications when trying to run Oculus software on my PC?




Screenshot 2023-10-22 230556.png



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I have exactly the same problem here, Check photo. 

I will be very thankful if anyone from META take a look and respond how fix this issue.

WTF 2023-10-22 190305.png



yea it's pretty much a driver issue from both meta and amd.

I think the reson they haven't fixed this issue is due to how they've kinda stoped working on the pcvr sofware side of things. It's quite sad to see if you ask me. And it makes these situations even worse for amd gpu users.

Right now as it stands, there is no way to fix this issue without getting a nividia gpu. This sucks due to how expencive and monopolistic the nividia market is. I'd have upgraded to amd if it weren't for the pcvr thing not suporting it.


This is a bit of an experimental thing, but i think i have a way of fixing your issue!

So i ones saw a vid talking about how bad the oculus softwere works with the amd gpu's and in this vid it said that steam vr worked fine (with this i mean starting steam vr without the ocuclus dashbord) but the man in the vid had to use a steam vr headset like the valve index so that he didn't need to use the oculus softwere at all. There is a chance that you can do the same. 

Do as is in this vid and start up the pcvr stuff. Se if you're booting into steam vr. If you are, then you know it worked. See if the preformance is any better then with the oculus softwere

Here's the vid on how to use only steam vr with a meta headset

If you're struggeling to click on the link. Ctrl + click should work

By the way, this vid isn't outdated if you think the files are old. Meta doesn't update their softwere so it still works to this day. 

Yea, it's a shame they can't be bothered to support customers who have an AMD GPU. It's put the brakes on for me when thinking about upgrading to a Quest 3. I mean, if they can't get together with AMD and sort this out then why should I give them any more money. /shrug

As for a fix when trying to play the games I've purchased through Oculus, I'm currently using virtual desktop, which works perfectly, both wired and wirelessly, with my card.



Meta is mocking pcvr players.

Fix : Sell your Oculus/Meta headset when the new Valve deckard will be release 😉

It's not an AMD driver issue because it's working well with Virtual Desktop or SteamVR headset.

Oculus software is a crap and the Quest 3 release doesn't solve anything.

I wonder if Meta has a deal with Nvidia...

Hey all! We hate to hear that you all are having issues with your Drivers not working properly and know how this can affect your gameplay time. No worries; we'd love to help. We have provided a link here with a list of our supported cards for your reference. If you don't see yours on the list, we cannot guarantee that it will be compatible. We know this might not be the answer you would like to hear, but we hope you find it helpful!

If you're the author of a thread, remember to mark a reply as the Accepted Solution to help others find answers!

Thanks for the answer

It's a shame that Meta doesn’t support latest generation AMD graphics cards. I don’t think this is that hard for such a big corporation as META to add support for AMD 7000 series. That kind of support will drag away many users and force them to use third part apps such as Virtual desktop.

Why don't you guys support amd graphics card?

Is that on your end or on amd's end?

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