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Will a dedicated router help airlink stuttering?

Level 2

I've been having trouble with airlink recently. Every time I play any game, but most notably beatsaber, I get these stutters and freezes that can last up to 1 or 2 seconds. The stutters happen at least once a minute and, even if it isn't truly unplayable, it gets annoying really fast. (Also, occasionally I get those black bars on my peripheral vision when I turn my head too fast)

They are always accompanied by a loss of quality on the headset, since I set the bitrate to adaptive. I have tried most things in the wiki. I changed my 5ghz channel to a less populated one, I disabled my routers 2.4ghz signal and I exclusively connect the quest 2 to it when playing. I also connect my pc to the router through ethernet, and as far as the pc itself, I don't think it is the problem since I have a gtx 1080 ti and a 8700k, and monitoring through task manager has never shown more than 70% on the cpu and even less load on the gpu.

Since my playspace is right next to the router, the only thing I'm thinking could help would be to get a new router, since the router I have is the default modem/router combo my ISP gave me (Huawei HG8245Q2), but realistically i would only be able to buy something like a TP Link Archer C6, which in paper seems to be the same thing as my current router.

So I'm asking if anyone has a clue as to what could be the problem and how to fix it, since I don't want to go out and buy a new router just to see the same issue after setting it up. Maybe I should try my luck with virtual desktop or give up entirely and just buy a cable for oculus link? Any suggestions are appreciated.


Your GPU is towards the low end but should be just about sufficient for Beat Saber. The symptoms you are seeing do suggest a lack of wireless bandwidth (or more likely occasional latency) but on the face of it your router should be up to the job. It's quite a cheap one though so perhaps it's lacking on the hardware side. Would you be able to buy something better performing with an option to return it if it doesn't help? Bit harsh on whoever sells the router though. Virtual Desktop is often lauded as performing better than AirLink (that's not my personal experience) so you could try that and refund it if it doesn't work out.


In an ideal world, you would buy a new router, configure it as an access point and dedicate it to AirLink, keeping your existing router for other devices and people in the household.