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Workplace and Horizon Workroom Account issues

Level 3

I am working with a client (large tech company) to help pilot the Quest 2 Headsets and Horizon Workrooms.   During the setup process for Horizon Workroom, we get an error when using emails in the corporate domain. 


At the point where you verify the email address for the new room.  The following message is generated "The email address " (~omitted for my clients privacy) is already being used for your workplace account.  Enter a different email address to continue with Workrooms"


We can continue with the installation using a private email address but not the corporate one.   The client was not familiar with Meta's Workplace software and did not have it installed.  My assumption is that it is running in their corporate environment.


Is Meta Workplace the directory service used for Horizon Workrooms?  if so is there a method to connect them or a setting to allow the software to co-exist?


Thanks for any help or information you can provide.



Level 3

I now have a better understanding of the connections between Horizon Workrooms and Meta Workplace namespace.  Unofficially, Workrooms uses much of the background infrastructure and some of its code base. Functions for user authentication, scheduling, messaging, and productivity are all built there.    For corporate accounts who use Workplace,  there is also a connection with Azure AD where SSO is supported.   Once an account is active in Workplace it also exists as an account in Workrooms Horizon with the same credentials.  Therefore,  a registered user in Workplace cannot also register in Workrooms. 


In my example,  my client is a has Workplace installed.   So in order to use and install Workrooms (which they are piloting),  my client is forced to use private email addresses.   This is an obvious and unfortunate limitation which will stop them from using Workrooms.    There is no published solution to this issue.      If anyone on this forum has found a solution or can correct my post please weigh in.  Thanks.