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airlink connection lost

Level 3

bonjour il y a depuis peut eu quelque chose qui m'empêche de jouer en airlink... des que je lance le mode airlink et que j'essaie de appairer mon pc cela m'affiche une erreur constante (voir pièce jointe) je précise que cela est nouveau et que habituellement tous fonctionne bien. J'ai la configuration requise et une connexion 5gz .. que faire s'il vous plait ?


hello there may have since been something that prevents me from playing in airlink... as soon as I launch airlink mode and try to pair my pc it shows me a constant error (see attachment) I specify that this is new and that usually all works well. I have the system requirements and a 5gz connection.. what should I do please? (its the traduction of the 1st text ossy for my bad english)



Level 2

I understand you have downloaded the official Oculus PC app, the software that runs Oculus Link and allows you to play computer VR games on the headset. To run Air Link, you will need the latest version of the PC software.

Likewise, your Quest 2 must also have the latest version of system software installed. Not everyone gets the update at the same time, and headsets will gradually be given access to the software over time. You can find out what version of the software is running on your Quest and check for updates by going to the website writemypaper4me or to your Quest settings menu and going to About.

Go to Settings, then click the Beta tab. You should see the App Lab switch at the bottom. Turning this option on will switch the app to use the Air Link wireless connection instead of the normal wired connection. This switch will automatically turn off after 24 hours, so if 24 hours or more have passed between gaming sessions, you will have to turn it back on.

You will see the App Lab button in the lower right. When you turn this feature on, it will make the app make use of an Air Link wireless connection instead of the usual wired connection. The switch will automatically shut off within 24 hours, which means in the event that more than 24 hours has gone by between gaming sessions it is necessary to restart it.  Welcome to for more details. 


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