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am having a mental breakdown

Level 2

i really need the pics of my dead parents

I really can't describe with words how am feeling and how desprate I am right now please i dont wanna fail my exams and lose my career it the only source of income I have please take a sec try to help me out here (my accounts names are (aladinderouiche) my personal FB account and instagram got both disabeled for no reason directly after I accepted my freind's new account request. so far nothing is working please if you can help in anyway possible help me, I really I can't lose my accounts not only the memories saved on my accounts are priceless to me but also all my exam courses are sved in chat and my insta account is the only way I get job offers for photoshoots so I can live and provide for my family, so please if you can help don't hesitate to reply am already feeling helpless and desprate
please am begging there must something so you can reach to
and I know it seems to some people like it's not a big deal but it's for me all the people I lost through my ; the only thing I have left about are in my accounts

Level 15

You need to contact Oculus Support, they can help you reactivate your Facebook account:

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