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Trouble With Facebook/Instagram Accounts?

Hi Meta Community,If you're reading this it means you're facing some issues with your Facebook or Instagram account. We know how important it is to ensure you're able to regain access to your Facebook and Instagram accounts. MetaQuestSupport, Moderat...

Known Issue - Quest Airlink lags and stutters after V54 update.

Been using Quest pro with airlink for 4 months now without any issues whatsoever. After the headset was updated to V54 I'm having headset lag/connection issues on airlink. Screen is stuttery at times when moving in my playspace or moving my head, the...

Resolved! Contacting Meta Quest Support & Collecting Logs

Should you encounter an issue or have any questions that would require you to contact Meta Quest Support, you can do so by heading to the support page ( Here, you can contact the support team via email or live chat. If y...

How to Report a Bug

As with any software, sometimes you will come across unintended bugs or glitches. When you come across an issue with a Quest product, you may want to report it directly to our Engineering team. You can do so directly from the desktop or mobile app. B...


New User Posting Info

Being a newb in-game and in anything can be tough. Here is a run down of how our tiny forum elves (and moderators) can help get you from an unknown newb to forum all-star. Posting links to external sites, certain keywords, or posting logs outside of ...

My controller

Hi i just bought my oculus 2 today and my left controller is blinking (white color) but its not vibrating and i can’t see it in my vr screen i only see the right and the next thing is i can’t connect my oculus in my phone so i can’t use it even if i ...

AmoraAi by Honored Guest
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Help me convince a VR denier with recommendations.

A friend replied to me with this, while trying to convince them that VR is in a good spot right now; and that there's some great inexpensive ways to get into it. Help me out with some recommendations for them!"VR Headsets like the Reverb G2 felt clun...

Quest app forgets Quest 3

Hi, I have a pixel 6 and Quest 3. I was able to pair the Quest 3 with the Quest app on my phone when I made the first configuration. But after about 24 h the app completely forgets my Quest 3 and when I try to pair them again the app finds my Quest 3...

Oculus PC app very very Sloooow Down load speeds

3 days to Dl a 6g file ? What is the problem?tried 3 different PC's at Different house's ,all have great internet ! Can Download steam games ect no problems,The Oculus PC app is at 3 kps max! like its 1998 again... What is going on?

Resolved! Yellow and red cross on screen quest 3

There is at first a yellow cross and later a red Cross in the up and right corner of the screen.I don’t know what it answers in the forum and I saw many with same problem. It is not a dot. It is a little cross.Is it about low battery or move or...

Erno33 by Explorer
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App sharing on but not sharing apps?

I'm having an issue where the games I buy on my profile are no longer showing up for the other profiles on my oculus even though app sharing is on. When they go to the store and search it it's saying they need to purchase the game. What can I do to f...

[FR] (Quest 3) Bouton interface facial bloqué

Bonjour,Suite à l'obtention de mon Meta Quest 3, je me suis rendu compte que le bouton gauche de mon interface facial étais bloqué et enfoncé.Alors j'ai vu que des personnes avec le même problème avais reçu une nouvelle interface faciale, dans ce cas...

Azun76 by Honored Guest
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My mic is very quiet when im recording on my oculus quest 2

This happened about a week ago. Whenever i record on my oculus quest 2 the audio always comes out quiet on my end. In game people can hear me just fine but when i stop recording to watch the video, you can barely hear me. Before it worked just fine. ...

Quest 3 stuck on "Continue setup on mobile app"

I can't do anything with my Quest 3.My mobile app is stuck on this screenWhile my headset is stuck on I can't connect to wifi.I can't go back on the headset and I can't pair to my phone because it's stuck on that screen.I also can't factory reset as ...

Dzuari_0-1701820402333.png Dzuari_1-1701820488501.png
Dzuari by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Artefacts on casting and recording even at high bitrates

I need a high quality video of a game I have made during a college course and no matter what settings I change I cannot get my quest 2 to cast or record video without visible artefacts (I have linked an image of the exact artefacts I am having proble...


Resolved! Quest 3 passthrough issues (quality/ghosting)

Like many others reported is Quest 3 passthrough no near to what is shown in promotion video and in review videos on Youtube. I have no clue how the captured image can be much much better quality than what is visible in the Quest 3 itself... Anyways....

dedmoin by Protege
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Issues during Oculus Rift S setup.

Hello there. About 2 years ago, I bought my Oculus Rift S. It's all been smooth ever since I got it, never had issues. Today, after not using it for a week or so, I booted it up so my nephew could play a Spider-Man game. But I noticed some problems a...

Initializing secondary WiFi verification

I just opened my newly purchased Quest 3, and connected to the network via a QR code on my phone. However, my apartment’s WiFi requires secondary authentication, so now the Quest 3 is stuck on the update to the latest version screen. My phone can fin...

How to switch from Roomscale to Stationary and vice versa?

I set up my Quest 2 for Roomscale and now want to use Stationary mode. I found a Meta article saying to switch: ".....But you can always switch between Guardian modes or redraw the boundaries. To do this, press the Oculus button on your right Touch c...

Quest 3 Headset Powered On with Blank Screen

My new headset is charged and appears to be hosed.1) It seems to be in an eternal state of ''power on." Nothing happens when I press the power button.2) Factory reset is rendered useless (see #1 re: power button)3) Logged on an off of mobile app and ...

Mobile app not connecting

So this is a problem that we’ve been experiencing for quite some time now. My girlfriend and I both have our own Quest 2 headsets and the Meta app to go with them. We have run into the issue in the past of the app not allowing us to sign into our acc...

Resolved! Loose/broken interface button

Anyone having problems right side button for glasses adjustment? Mines won't lock in place. Think it's broken, so it's now uneven for my glasses to be worn while playing. But the left side works fine.

New user meta vr2

I'm new to this. Have meta vr2. I cannot get past the agreement terms of service etc. When starting an app or game. Can someone assist me?Thank youZzdjt

Zzdjtt by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Steam link not connecting

My Oculus Quest 3 will not fully connect to my pc using Steam Link. My computer starts Steam VR, but it just eventually says it cannot connect. Airlink works fine. Updated everything. Please help.....

weaponx3 by Honored Guest
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Parental filter is being applied despite being a parent

I will be upfront and say that I am 16, I got my quest 2 headset 3 years ago, and set up my meta account using my Facebook account which had my appropriate age at the time and my moms debit card. Despite my registered age I was never required set up ...

Last info about Windows 11?

Hi,Microsoft keep asking all the time to upgrade to Windows 11, i'm using Windows 10.I just don't upgrade because i don't want to have problems with PCVR and Oculus Link.But... after so much time, now is 100% safe to upgrade to Windows 11?Thanks!Donn...

Load failure- passthrough

Everytime I enter my pass,it fails to go to menu even after I was eventually able to confirm my space. I've waited for it to finish loading, but after the loading looks like it's done, it continues.

How to retrieve my purchased games

Hi, I just just a factory reset my Oculus and I can't find any of the games that I paid for that were on it before. I read that I can get them back, I just don't know how. I think that I may be logged into one of the many accidental that I made, but ...

Quest 3 stuck in update

My quest 3 has been stuck at this update screen for 2 hours now there's no indication of progress... 

Phldwnr by Honored Guest
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Netflix disappeared

Yesterday, I could watch movies on my occulus meta quest 2 with no problem.Today, the application does not appear anymore on the list , cannot be reloaded, cannot be launched.It is still known as an application that I have "bought" though.What is the...

zawack22 by Honored Guest
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oculus quest 2 and a wifi connection issues

My head set will not connect to wifi but if i go allow me to go onto the browser and access internet. nice and all but it does me no good i cant DL content or use 90% of the other functions. I've hunted for a month to find a solution. tried everythin...