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Trouble With Facebook/Instagram Accounts?

Hi Meta Community,If you're reading this it means you're facing some issues with your Facebook or Instagram account. We know how important it is to ensure you're able to regain access to your Facebook and Instagram accounts. MetaQuestSupport, Moderat...

Known Issue - Quest Airlink lags and stutters after V54 update.

Been using Quest pro with airlink for 4 months now without any issues whatsoever. After the headset was updated to V54 I'm having headset lag/connection issues on airlink. Screen is stuttery at times when moving in my playspace or moving my head, the...

Resolved! Contacting Meta Quest Support & Collecting Logs

Should you encounter an issue or have any questions that would require you to contact Meta Quest Support, you can do so by heading to the support page ( Here, you can contact the support team via email or live chat. If y...

How to Report a Bug

As with any software, sometimes you will come across unintended bugs or glitches. When you come across an issue with a Quest product, you may want to report it directly to our Engineering team. You can do so directly from the desktop or mobile app. B...


New User Posting Info

Being a newb in-game and in anything can be tough. Here is a run down of how our tiny forum elves (and moderators) can help get you from an unknown newb to forum all-star. Posting links to external sites, certain keywords, or posting logs outside of ...

Infinite 3 dots when using Quest Link via cable and AirLink

Hi, I've been dealing with an issue with my Quest 2 to where either airlink and link cable both lead to the 3 dots that just load indefinitely. I also had this problem with my Rift S where it would just be a black screen. The only solution I've ever ...

Can’t login via username

I forget why I did but I made 2 accounts for Meta. They both have different usernames but they both have the emails and passcodes. I can only access one account but I want to access the other because the account I am unable to access has all of my VR...

No Internet

Hello I just bought my oculus qu'est 2 when I get to the step to connect to the internet and I put my code .there is written (connect .no internet connection) how should I do knowing that I can only access this page

Screen Tearing in Asgards Wrath with Q3

I play with RiftLink Cable.Hey when i first start AW it looks "ok" a bit tousled but ok. After i use fast stairs travel OR switch out to Rift Store or Q3 menu the image is tearing hard, but not overall, its more like half of the screen on LEFT side o...

Exoss by Honored Guest
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Controller joystick glitch

Everything else on my controller is fine, but in game if I try to move forward, it is glitchy and I pretty much have camera shake while still in place not moving. Moving sideways and backwards seem to somewhat work but not very well. Go to calibrate ...

Anyone had a blacked out issue?

while I was playing my beat saber, the system suddenly freezes and the whole blacked out and even charge LED won't even light up for charging attempt. Is there something going on with the headset? 3 is pretty new and weird to have such problems.

civetw by Honored Guest
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Certain audio on recording with oculus 2 playback gone

For about a week, everytime I record the audio of other people talking is not in my recording. You can only hear me and the in game audio on the recording. While playing, you can hear them just fine. I am a content creator and this is killing me. My ...

Quest 3 - Can't connect to wifi

Today I got a Meta quest 3. I have 5ghz wifi. the router is connected to another router that is not 5ghz. I'm having trouble getting through the system update when I first start vr because I can't connect to the internet. It either says "limited conn...

NotMarra by Honored Guest
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I can’t log into oculus in my pc

Hi when I first set up my oculus I had to make a Facebook account and I logged in and used the same email and password for both. So I am pretty confused why in my pc it’s saying it isn’t but then on my phone I can easily log in with my Facebook since...

aegutz by Honored Guest
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Issue with Widows Walkabout

Hi! Don't know if this is the right place for this post, but I'm going to try anyway! We have 2 Quest 2 headsets. My wife purchased the new Widows Walkabout course on her headset and since we're using the same account, I can usually access them on my...

Having problems with a couple apps..

Hi everyone, I'm having problems with a couple ap Hi everyone ps... "Pinball fx2' I purchased the app and all of the add-ons, which I've been playing for almost 2 years (one of my favorite) I click on the app and it just keeps putting me back in my h...

No sound through PC in Meta games

I have a Meta Quest 2, and I usually record my gameplay through OBS. When playing a game through SteamVR for example, I can record the audio on OBS as well, but when I try to play a game without opening any 3rd party software, I can get the video fee...

Oculus quest 2 screen freezing

Screen freeze in place and everything becomes unresponsive. When I look around I see black and then a upside down version of the screen that I froze onHappens every 30 to 40 seconds and lasts about as long each time

Memellion by Honored Guest
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Question about remote desktop

I am recently going to buy a laptop. If i only want to project it through WiFi to the quest 3 (for example in the Bigscreen app) only for watching live sports and movies, do i still need to consider the minimum built requirement for the laptop? Or th...

Coaster combat not loading

Hi I’ve been playing coaster combat for a while I went to it a couple of weeks ago and it won’t load oculus had me restart reboots etc but still it won’t work can anyone her help

keith699 by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Can't log in Oculus Quest 2

Username: Informalfrog My Oculus carried out an update today. On completion of the update I was logged out completely. I had previously set up my account (early Feb 2022) using my Facebook account (I only have one). When I enter the details (which I ...

Disable MAC randomization on Quest 3

Is there a way to disable MAC address randomization on the Quest 3. I need to be able to do a DHCP reservation for the headset but I can't because it keeps changing the MAC address everytime I connect to an SSID.

I feel like I'm being gaslit. No store front page

I own an original quest purchased in 2019 and a Quest 3 that I got on launch day. Sometime around last Tuesday, I noticed the front page of the store was blank, with a message stating "please try again later". I submitted a big report and figured it ...

Asgards Wrath controller tracking issue

I’m running Asgard’s wrath via AirLink on my Quest 3, the issue I’m running into is my controllers loose tracking when I put my arms down, I don’t have this problem in other quest 3 games, please help .

T1Sudah by Honored Guest
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Microphone Volume on Quest 3

Hi. Now that I'm using the Q3, I'm told that I'm really loud to others when in multi-play. Is there a way to turn down my microphone so it doesn't seem like I'm yelling at others?

OQ_Laura by Honored Guest
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Resolved! rx 6650xt not even able to use airlink?

So i recently built my own pc a week ago maybe with a 6650xt a ryzen 5 7600 and 16 gigs of ram and i upgraded from my old system that had a rtx 2060 and a ryzen 7 2700x and for some reason i cant even use airlink without it lagging but on my old comp...

Resolved! Quest 2 - Quest pro controllers update stuck at 0%

Hi I just got my Quest Pro controllers today and paired them to my headset (Quest 2), however I can't use them and a little pop up saying "Controller update in progress (Left 0%) (Right 0%)" keeps appearing evey 30 seconds, I left the controllers a w...

Resetting oculus

I need to reset my oculus since im trying to set it up again, and i no longer have access to my old email which i used to me using. i am probably going to be factory resetting my oculus, and then setting it back up with my new email. is there any way...

cnys by Honored Guest
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