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Trouble With Facebook/Instagram Accounts?

Hi Meta Community,If you're reading this it means you're facing some issues with your Facebook or Instagram account. We know how important it is to ensure you're able to regain access to your Facebook and Instagram accounts. MetaQuestSupport, Moderat...

Known Issue - Quest Airlink lags and stutters after V54 update.

Been using Quest pro with airlink for 4 months now without any issues whatsoever. After the headset was updated to V54 I'm having headset lag/connection issues on airlink. Screen is stuttery at times when moving in my playspace or moving my head, the...

Resolved! Contacting Meta Quest Support & Collecting Logs

Should you encounter an issue or have any questions that would require you to contact Meta Quest Support, you can do so by heading to the support page ( Here, you can contact the support team via email or live chat. If y...

How to Report a Bug

As with any software, sometimes you will come across unintended bugs or glitches. When you come across an issue with a Quest product, you may want to report it directly to our Engineering team. You can do so directly from the desktop or mobile app. B...


New User Posting Info

Being a newb in-game and in anything can be tough. Here is a run down of how our tiny forum elves (and moderators) can help get you from an unknown newb to forum all-star. Posting links to external sites, certain keywords, or posting logs outside of ...

Resolved! Oculus Rift S screen turns off after 5-10 seconds of use

Hello! I've been searching around for a solution to my problem at no avail. My Rift S screen works as normal the first 5-10 seconds, afterwards the display turns gray for another second, and then the display turns off. I still hear audio through the ...

oculous quest 2 Error in sleep mode.

"When I take off my Oculus for a certain amount of time, they go into sleep mode and then they don't start up again. It just stays black and doesn't load. When I touch the power button, it turns on but it's like it doesn't detect me and it turns off ...

Asadi01 by Honored Guest
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Oculus plays music when i activate Link

When i turn on Oculus link, random music keeps playing and theres no way to shut it off. It plays while im in game as well and plays on an endless loop. Ive uninstalled and reinstalled everything multiple times, restarted everything even more times, ...

Resolved! Please explain how game sharing works?

We bought 3 Oculuses for Christmas for our family of 4.On my wife's device, she enabled sharing with my son's Oculus. He can see her purchased games.When I log int onto my wife's device and switch user to me, I can't see any purchased games. She says...

Why are pcvr headsets more expensive than standalone one?

A PC one only has to take input from a computer. And doesn't have to do anything and doesn't include batteries. Some of them don't even have inside out tracking and need extra trackers. Why are we still using outside tracking stations in 2023? I stan...

Resolved! quest wont pair with phone after getting new phone

the oculus quest headset will not pair with my new phone after getting new phone, it was previously connected fine and i have checked if it was same account but still does not work, after i get to acknowledge the safety it says something went wrong a...

Eyisha by Honored Guest
  • 1 replies
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Please help with parent-child account merge

When we got the Meta Quest 2, I set it up with my email address and birthday because it wouldn’t let me set it up under my 12 year old. He has since purchased some in app bonuses and games on the account I set up but I would like to correct it to hav...

Tracking lost

My meta quest 2 is saying tracking lost with a black background and the controls beep and vibrate but are not connected.

Old account

Hi I need help please,an old account I used for my quest 2 Facebook account has been lost a couple of years ago,I now have a new Facebook account,but cant login using this account,I have games from my quest 2 I would like to transfer to now my yahoo ...

Left Hand Controller.

Hey, I recently had an issue with my left controller for my Oculus Quest 2, where a white light started blinking on it and it would not work with the headset, I went though all the steps to try and repair it. Removed the battery for 30mins, held the ...

Game code

I need help, I got a code for resident evil 4 it expires December 31st 2023. and I put the code but it, DOES NOT WORK:( I did the steps and it's still not working. Any advice?

My quest 2 isn't pairing at all.

I don't know what it is? My app is looking for the headset and it has been like that for more then 2 hours. I tried restarting my quest 2 and phone, get closer to the router and everything but is still doesn't contact at all. Anyone have any idea wha...

laptop compatibility

I bought a meta quest 2 today and i do not have a phone. The people at Best Buy said that a smart phone is not mandatory and that i could use my laptop with the meta quest 2. I have been waiting for years to finally purchase an oculus. Does anyone kn...

Can't launch Horizon Worlds

I cant load into meta horizon worlds or log in for that matter im new to horizon and just want to play

MoIIIy by Honored Guest
  • 2 replies
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Oculus Quest 2 sluttering

I bought Oculus Quest 2 some time ago. I've been dealing with an issue of the image stuttering during gameplay through SteamVR all the time. I'm not sure how it works with games on the computer using the Oculus app because I don't have any. Games on ...

SennyK22 by Honored Guest
  • 8 replies
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where to enter code

have seen many unsuccessful attempts by customers to find where they are supposed to enter the code they are given when trying to use the Quest 2. Why is it so difficult to broadcast necessary information to your users? how can we use your product no...

tilder by Honored Guest
  • 5 replies
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headset only seems to work when linked to pc

picking up my headset after not using for quite some time it now only seems to show any app menus only when linked to my pc, when unlinked the app menu basically just doesn't load, I've done driver updates as well as software updates on my pc as well...

Terrible anti-aliasing with AMD gpus?

Anyone know why when using an AMD gpu there are terrible jaggies using the link cable or airlink (not for Virtual Desktop)?It's exceptionally bad when using the Oculus virtual desktop. The edges of the screens look not only like they lack antialiasin...


I pre-ordered Two Meta Quest 3 complaint

I pre-ordered two Meta Quest 3 devices for my wife and myself. I would rather be given app store credit than two free Asgard's Wrath 2 games. I don't think Meta considered the fact that people in the AARP age bracket would be ordering these devices f...


My oculus has been stuck on the loading screen for 34 hours what should I do it just keeps fading in and out?

austinful by Honored Guest
  • 2 replies
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Quest 2 keeps losing 5GHz wifi! Keeps disconnecting

After a while of use, my Quest 2 will all of a sudden say it's not connected anymore, and when I go to wifi, all the 5GHz networks are now missing! I then only see the 2.4GHz networks. A reboot fixes this but it's happened over 3 times now. Is this a...

cbcharlee by Honored Guest
  • 145 replies
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Gorilla Tag using Virtual Desktop

Hi, I'm trying to play Gorilla Tag using the Virtual Desktop to my PC. I can access my desktop and open gorilla tag from there but I cant play the game, it just shows a gorillas back, I can't close the game or access any menus, I have to Ctrl, alt de...

Party calls in oculus quest 2

Recently, tho i am unsure the exact date, my oculus started doing a wierd thing where when i join or make a party chat/call i will recieve non-stop spam notifications with the default "you have joined a call. Your mic is..." I have no problems with t...

Quest 2 not charging more then 83%

So, I didn't use the Quest 2 that much lately, but is always updated on Apps and firmware.Happens that I notice after the last update, or previous one, the quest is not charging more then 83 %.When I first noticed was stuck on 79%, but after 2 days o...

Ikari2k by Honored Guest
  • 2 replies
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account problems

I had an oculus account that I used with my oculus rift and then when tethered with my oculus quest 1. It worked well and then I got busy for about 2 years and now I am trying to set up my quest 1 again so my child and Ito play the many programs I ha...

Pro-Controllers Lost connection

I have the pro-controllers connected with the Quest 2. A few months ago they used to loose connection all the time then come right back on. After an update it stopped and was just random and so quick/infrequent it really didn't make a difference. The...

JaiJax by Honored Guest
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