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blocked account, lost apps

Honored Guest

facebook blocked me, demanded id whch i do not have so the account is lost. only ever used it for oculus so wouldnt care at all, exceptthat all my app purchases are linked to that account. is there a way of getting those purchases transferred to this accoint/ or have i simply been ripped off with no recourse


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello, @jammalam. We know how important it is to return to VR, so don't worry, we've got your back and are here to help.


So we can now unlink your accounts. However, if we unlink your accounts now, some features on your device will not function properly until you can create a Meta Account later this month.


When Meta Accounts are officially launched, you can also wait until Meta Accounts are released and then request that we unlink your accounts.


So that we can see what we can do to get you back in your account please PM us here.


Next, click "Send a Message" to privately message us! Please remember, you must be signed into the community first to send us a private message.


We look forward to hearing from you and getting you back in the game!


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