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can't update headset

Level 2

haven't used my oculus quest 2 headset for a while. charged it up, turned on power and got a message to go to settings up update headset. then it makes me log in -- i've successfully logged in multiple times, but it takes me to an empty lobby with no options, no update, no nothing except swanky furniture. i tried multiple different ways of logging in as well. help me update my headset please.


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey hey! I've definitely been through some issues when I haven't been on my headset for a while too, so I know how confusing and concerning that can get. Let's see if we can figure this out!


So you're able to log in, and that's definitely a good start! Are you getting any error messages after logging in?


Are you able to pull up your universal menu at all (by pressing the Oculus button on your right controller)? If you can, then you should be able to navigate to the Quick Settings panel by hovering over the clock on the left side of that menu. From there, if you select Settings (in the top right), and then System, you should be able to select Software Update to see what version you are on and if a new version is available.


Also, since it's been a while, you might not have migrated your Oculus account to a Meta account, and that might be causing some sort of issue here. If you haven't, you can check this out for how to set up your Meta account.

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Level 2

@blueberrysmoothie i put it aside last night and picked it up just now and everything is working 🤷🏻‍:female_sign: 


thank you for your fast response and help! 

Well, one way or another, I'm glad it's working right again! Sometimes technology just acts kind of weird sometimes. 🤔 

And of course! Always happy to do what I can to help. 😁

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I am having a similar issue but I cannot even log in via facebook or oculus site. It tells me I have to update my headset but there is no option to do so (and like I said, I cannot even log in). Now what?


Hi, we can certainly see how this can become frustrating and we want to make sure that you are up and gaming in no time. The headset may be requiring you to update the app as the two can be tied together. 


There have been recent updates to the app that could solve this issue. If you can check and see if there any updates available for the app and also check to make sure the headset software is up to date as well by following the directions here.


 if this does not work please feel free to contact us by clicking here, and you will be connected to our support team who will work with you to get this issue resolved as soon as possible.