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oculus gear vr and samsung s7 phone all kind of problems

Level 2

I have spent so much time trying to find a phone that can work with the Oculus Gear VR and finally after i got it.

I started registration and was met with all kind of problems. It's like the Oculus Gear VR has been forcibly blocked from being registered.

I use both, logging in with facebook account. Once it accepts the login, then it will say your email seems to be registered already with Oculus. It asks if to use that account to login. I say, okay.
It gets stuck and will not go passed pressing the link account button. Just will not do anything.
Sometimes it will say No Internet Connection. Sometimes it just gives the button back after being greyed out.

if i use the other method. Which is login with email address.
I put in the email and password, and proceed to logging in. However same thing happens.
It will not go passed pressing the button to login.

Its like all means of logging into the app on the phone were blocked infinitely. Otherwise, at least one method would work!


My email and username are fine and i can login through the web site. Hence the message i am writing now.
I can also login to my account just fine on the phone browser.
That's when i kinda get passed the message that comes up on the Oculus app that says, It seems you are not logged in to your Oculus account.
However nothing happens that, just empty library and empty everything.
I can only use the settings and such. But not the actual Gear VR stuff that this Gear VR is meant for.

I really hope that i can get some directions to how to solve this persistent problem. Or for Oculus team to help and fix this problem.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @samshosho! We know how discouraging login issues can be when it comes to GearVR, so we'd love to lend a hand! 


In order to best do so, we will require some sensitive information. Please tap our name to get to our profile, then select "Send a message" to Privately Message us. Keep in mind you must be logged into the forums to send a message. 


We'll see you on the other side! 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey again, @samshosho! We're just checking in to see if you were able to send over that PM. 


If so, don't hesitate to update us! 

Level 3

I have replied to the messages so far nothing is solved.