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out of video memory trying to allocate a texture In rift s home ?

Honored Guest
Hey guys , today I was using my new rift s in the virtual home decorating my house while broadcasting YouTube videos to the flat screen in my home , and the room went half black and wonky. When I got back to the pc it said “ out of video memory trying to allocate a texture “ does anybody have any idea what caused this or any solutions as I should have plenty of power to run home and more. My specs are RTX 2070 super , 97700k , 16 gig of 3600mhz ram, 1tb evo 970 NVMe ssd, and an aorus master z390 motherboard. Thanks you I’m advance for any help ennbukntaddk.jpeg

Honored Guest
I still use the cv1 (a bit rusty now), but it began giving me the error today, and for no reason...

Rising Star
probably a memory leak. from pointers. in c++. unreal uses c++ unity uses c#.  Might have to see which one your sw uses if its unreal don't use it then maybe the error will go away. or use old video drivers maybe its that giving the pointer error.

Disabling the virtual drives under device manager/uninstalling the game entirely ended up fixing the memory issue on its own