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pinch gesturing is causing games to pause or quit, how to disable ?


The pinch gestures used to open Oculus menus while in-game are continually causing me to accidently exit or pause games and sometimes I fumble due to being surprised and alarmed by sudden unexpected behavior and pausing or menus appearing, or the playspace sporadically resets. I would like the ability to just disable pinch gestures! Please! Gestures are diabolical. Please add simple additional settings for adjusting the amount of time needed before reacting to perceived gesture - that would be an absolute life saver. Can something please be done to make gestures not so annoying and potentially hazardous. I would only ask one upgrade for the Quest and that is the ability for gestures to be switched off whenever the user wishes.

The current pinch gestures are causing such frequent interruption and sometimes quitting of the games entirely by accidently making gestures while moving hands randomly.


I don't understand the reasoning for pinch gestures being enabled full time when using hand tracking. It is kind of ruining some of the games which I play that utilize hand tracking. I am wondering please can the built-in gestures ever be disabled or made toggleable somehow? The way gestures currently react very instantly to apparent pinch gestures is too sensitive and can be triggered inadvertently quite easily.


The recent Quest update makes pinch gestures very sensitive to pinching or is not detecting them reliably and causes me to stumble or get confused when unexpected behavior like game pause or quitting happens by accident.

In the latest runtime update the gestures are worse now since a bunch of extra buttons and menus have been added and they react instantly to a pinch and some of the buttons are sticky or persistent to the point of a angry hornet.

I have found that even by flailing my hand around or snapping my fingers almost always will trigger the Oculus menu to open, though I don't flail my hands around normally, but imagine a game where I am the conductor of a symphony orchestra and I have to move my hands in step but the app keeps pausing.

I am just saying, gestures are a complex and notoriously confusing input system for anyone to use, and always will be. It's tiresome having to fight with a Quest 2 HMD that keeps registering erroneous pinching, especially in boxing games.

I think the pinch reacts too suddenly and causes the Oculus menu to open often and disrupts the game and the gamer to have to recover from unexpected pauses, especially if streaming or multiplayer games. And sometimes I will also click close app button not realizing and close the entire game without warning, it happens many times if the user like me is careless about hand gesturing while playing a game.

I would so much rather prefer to play games without requiring the need for additional mental discipline in order to avoid making a pinch gesture while playing a game or it might ruin the game experience entirely, The added stress is a great memory task, where in real-life my hands do not have floaty menus attached. It's very burdensome to anyone who uses a Quest 2 must be constantly aware of not moving their hands a certain way at all times. For me it's too much stress being constantly let down by such flimsy design, so I put the Quest in storage and use it infrequently. I would like to see gestures redesigned to reduce the glitchyness. Or allow users to just remove them, they are conflicting with games and are overall depressing and parasitic.


The Quest truly is/or was a great HMD, but the latest update now breaks the hand tracking to the point of being a game experience destroyer and a nightmare for immersion games. The constant interruptions are from gestures being detected by hands moving around randomly is unbearable to the point of highly disappointed and wanting the current Quest runtime to be updated with better gesture interaction.


I don't see the point of forcing a feature that is so confusing and prone to causing erroneous behavior. We can just pick up the controllers when needing to use Oculus menus, or a two step gesture to activate menus. Anything, Please! 



I just keep getting kicked out of games and am frequently activating the oculus menus by accident. It's the most frustrating feature.


I don't like gestures. Can you please allow them to be disabled or made less sensitive?


The non definable speed of this interaction has become a problem for users with involuntary hand twitching/spasms. Before the updates that accelerated the gesture detection to 0.5 seconds it was not so easy to trigger the menu by accident. We need the system gestures to be user definable (at the very least in regards to trigger time). 


I'm really wondering why someone has yet to address this issue. This is a complete deal breaker for my use case and the use case of many others.

Hey @MVRK! We hate to hear hand tracking is causing you some issues with your gameplay, we know how jarring that must be. No worries, let's see what we can do. To enable this feature, navigate to the Settings tab in VR, select Device, and toggle the Hand Tracking feature to enable it. You can disable hand tracking at any time by toggling the feature off in Settings. Let us know if this works for you! 

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The question was about turning off the menus. The "pinch gesture menus", these are the menus that appear when making pinch gestures.

And has nothing to do with enabling or disabling hand tracking entirely, please read the questions before posting replies. Or even better please fix the broken Quest pro. Thanks for not listening


The Quest pro disallows using controllers if WiFi is not detected, requiring finger tracking to navigate to Wifi settings using hand tracking pinch gestures.. But how does this work for anyone who has a disability? This is extremally unfair and singles out some users,


I am sorry but I can't agree with forced hand gestures for any reason.

Hello, @MVRK! Just checking in to see if you are still needing assistance with hand tracking. If so, please do reach back out to us at your earliest convenience. Thank you!

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