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quest 2 not appearing in file explorer

Level 2

so i have been trying to connect my quest 2 to my pc via usb-c cable and it isnt appearing in file explorer i dont know what do do please help me


Level 14

are planning on doing link(pcvr via oculus app) or just transfering files, or doing sidequest?

Doing files and sidequest but I can’t find the “Quest 2” Device in my file explorer

Transfering files and sideloading via sidequest are 2 different things;


Sidequest you need to do the following:

  1. get a developer account
  2. enable developer mode on the quest 2 via the mobile app
  3. install adb drivers on the pc
  4. launch sidequest (make sure oculus app and service are stopped and closed)
  5. turn on the quest 2 and get to home screen
  6. plug a usb cable into the headset and computer
  7. look in the headse and accept the rsa handshake
  8. you should be connected to sidequest to side load stuff


for file transfer

  1. close out of sidequest and oculus if open
  2. connect the headset to pc when its powered on
  3. allow the file transfer when the first prompt pops up in the headset

Yeah, I tried this but it is not working. the prompt doesn't show up when I plug it in to transfer files i can't figure out why I've checked notification settings to and there is nothing wrong there.

Have you checked under Settings > System > Developer to make sure the USB prompt is enabled? It's common to accidentally hit "Don't ask again" instead of "Allow", which disables it.


I literally realised I accidentally pressed "Don't ask again" right after I did it just this week and had to look up this to figure out why it didn't show.. sometimes I wonder how I made it this far. Thanks 🙂

You're an absolute life saver. I hit that button on the prompt because I was tired of going in and out all the time. It turns out I need that prompt LOL

I don’t see that in the settings

You may need to enable developer mode using your phone to see the developer menu in the headset