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"it looks like you've already installed Oculus.

Level 2

hi, so for my like 20 time in multiple months I've tried installing the oculus companion pc software and every time I get the same result the app says it cant reach oculus runtimes, I've searched all over the internet oculus forums, reddit, YouTube vids. And every thing that I tried doesn't work and now the app says I already have it installed even though I don't and yes I've tried uninstalling reinstalling many many times. please help me I just want to play pc games on my oculus quest 2.


Community Manager
Community Manager


Hey there Chatbiscuit28, thanks for reaching out. We see you are having issues with your Oculus PC Software. We can certainly assist you with this. The first thing we recommend is repairing your PC app. This is a bit different then a simple uninstall and reinstall as these often don't remove files all that well. A repair will ensure all files are acquired and/or repaired. Learn how to repair the app here:


If you're still having troubles after repairing your app, please submit a ticket on our website here.