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why is my rift s struggling with tracking

Honored Guest
around the 16th of June got my rift s and the first day I tried out half life Alyx and it worked fine and when I tried it the next day there were some major issues with the tracking (it was jittery, it froze a lot, crashed many times and I found out it was over heating my gpu) the night before I left it under my desk and I'm not sure if this was the reason for the issues or not, I did however know about the fact that in direct sunlight the cameras can get damaged which I thought might be the cause but I covered the headset just to be safe, I'm not sure what to do about it or whether its something with my room (I have a mirror to my right when i use it and two windows, one in front of me and another behind me and to the left and my desk is to my right (I have no idea how vr systems work btw)) i really want help with this because I've only played one game with my rift s and I want to use it more, if it needs fixing and I could somehow return it to have it fixed then that would be great

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hey @DingusTheWingus covering the mirrors or windows should help with tracking. Additionally, clearing some USB bandwidth by removing other USB devices may help, leaving only the mouse, keyboard and headset connected via USB. Updating your USB drivers and Windows itself can help in some cases as well, if it persists create a ticket. - Principe
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