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Status: New Idea

It is many users like me, which plays games like table tennis, golf, etc...

It is pretty often such games have additional accessories which mount controllers. It is pretty complicated process to mount/unmount such accessories. Also we are playing other games which, which need two controllers. So to play other games first we need to unmount for example tennis accessory. And again to play tennis - you need to mount it back. It will be nice to have more than 2 controller to not do this long mount/unmount process. So for example in my case it will be one controller for golf, one controller for tennis and two controllers for other games.

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This is a great idea, I use the pro controllers but if I was letting someone else use the headset I'd like them to be able to use the standard ones, if it goes flying into a wall at least it's a cheaper fix! As you say currently its quite a drawn out process