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Status: New Idea

The gaze cursor disrupts multiple use cases for the Quest. It ruins both gamepad usage and passive applications like video apps.

I understand that this is a "safety" feature to allow for an option when all connected controllers are not available (broken, stolen, etc.). A good option would be to allow disabling the feature until the next time the device wakes from sleep or powers on. If that's not possible, maybe a way to temporarily disable a controller from sleeping (which is what causes the gaze cursor to appear during passive apps). Gamepad input should be sufficient to make selections in the UI, so it should count as a connected controller and not cause the gaze cursor to activate.

Please do something. Let us know it's on the backlog and not being treated as a "feature" that we are stuck with forever.


I think it would be a great idea if there was the option for the headset cursor/dot to be disabled whenever a Bluetooth controller is successfully connected and turned on. Having to keep a motion controller in my lap to turn on whenever it turns off to that the headset cursor goes away is annoying (also drains my controller batteries faster). The headset dot/cursor should of course turn on if no controllers (Bluetooth/move, or otherwise) are detected. 

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People have been begging for this for years now and we still haven’t gotten a fix! You would think it would be simple to add a disabling feature so that it doesn’t affect controller game play when air linked. I’m so disappointed that no one has done anything about it 

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I also find annoying when I am watching a video (on PLEX for example) in the oculus browser and after 5/10 min this silly dot shows up in the middle of the screen, then I have to reactivate the controllers again. This issue must be adressed inmediately by Meta, because it completely ruins my watching experience 

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THE HEADSET CURSOR NEEDS TO HAVE A (on/off) BUTTON IN THE SETTINGS.  It is completely impossible to play a 2d game on your virtual desktop.  The moment i grab my xbox controller to play a game the headset cursor pops up and the game spazzes out.  Or just fully disable the headset cursor as im sure 90% of people do not even use it.  I am using a quest 2 with the link.

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Agreed. There needs to be a way to disable this. I like to use moonlight apk to stream my 2D PC games and the head cursor gets in the way when the controllers go to sleep. VD app gets around this but I found that app too buggy for my game streams.

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add option to disable the head cursor, will using the link cable with a pc. so that when you use the virtual desktop you can use your mouse. and if trying to run a game on the virtual monitor you can play your game with a controller/gamepad that is conected to your pc.

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This is such a no-brainer and there are at least 20 other separate thread requests for this, just on the IDEAS page. Good lord, get on it. Just put a menu option somewhere on the Rift GUI that I can select with the Quest controller that says "Head Cursor (On/Off)". 

You honestly owe your users money for how much THEY develop YOUR bad, rushed, thoughtless software. I can't wait to return this crummy product.


It is a widely known issue on reddit.

When I connect a gamepad controller (Xbox, switch, dualsense, generic) through USB or Bluetooth,

the headset turns on a "Gaze" mouse cursor, that it centered and follows the head movement.

In itself is nice feature, but..

It breaks any and all gamepad supported 2D apps, at least. I heard it also breaks some 3D appa with gamepad support.

All we need a way to DISABLE IT and REMEMBER IT and use exclusively the gamepad controller.

Also, please make this option stay on/off, unlike other accessibility features (which I believe should be remembered also)

Please fix this, it will help all types of gamers be it pro gamers and disabled gamers alike.

Thanks ❤️