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Level 4
Status: New Idea

I use goals in both Supernatural and Move but my problem is that the start of the week with Supernatural is Monday whereas the start of the week with Move is Sunday. This means I often don't meet my 4 day goal depending on the days I choose to workout which varies. Can I change the start of my week in Move to Monday? I can't change it in Supernatural.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! There isn't really any way to change the start of the week for Oculus Move, but that does sound like it might be a suggestion/idea the rest of the community would be interested in! If you make a post suggesting this in the Ideas board of the forums, there's a chance the post could gain traction from the community and even potentially some of our developers to take into consideration!

Level 2

this is a standard function in all calenders and weekly goal apps why the hell is it not in oculus move!!! @MetaQuestSupport