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Status: New Idea

Quest 3 is amazing, but watching a video and eating or doing other things is impossible with hand tracking on.
The hand tracking went everywhere it shouldn't, pausing the video, exiting full screen, dragging the window to another place.

There should be a way to temporarily disable/enable the hand tracking with a gesture or by pressing some power/volume button combination. 

Honored Guest

This is an absolutely critical feature for hand tracking to be useful for watching videos. It could be a special gesture or a tap sequence on the headset, but not a vocal command. 


I imagine they are already working on this, they'd be foolish not to. I'd be surprised if we don't see it on an updated within 6 months.

Honored Guest

It should include a way to prevent the headset cursor for popping up as well. I have never appreciated the device deciding how I interact with it without asking me first.

  • For passthrough you can double tap the headset. I like the idea of additonal tap gestures for various things  Id personally like to see and alternating tap (left side then right side) to disable/enable hand and controller tracking. But really I'll take anything.

Yes it's first problem I noticed while watching first movie, my hands tracking was ruining the experience. I turned it off but now it's off.... that makes no sense. At least let us turn it off by the dashboard bar, the first thing we see when we press the meta button please.