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Status: New Idea

Enable hand tracking on PCVR through Quest Link. 


Please do this.  There's no downsides.

Honored Guest

This feature is somewhat of a must because with the access to hand tracking on pc it would allow for bigger titles to adopt it and possibly more people will adopt the quest platform. Also since the quest pro came out facial tracking came almost day one of release of which is an even more obscure and less needed feature than hand tracking I just can’t see why this feature hasn’t been added yet since it’s debut back in 2019. Overall this feature is very much needed for pcvr and I am pretty sure everyone using link would be very thankful to use it.

Honored Guest

Oculus/Meta, if you don't make this feature in a near future update you're dead to me. especially considering it would be booming in the market for things like vrchat and vtubers. you could easily make it to where you don't need something like a leap motion, all the tracking would be done via quest pro with facial tracking, hand tracking, and of course the tracking of the head. hell you could even do some kind of collab with hololive if you play your cards right. what i'm basically saying is, JUST DO IT ALREADY!!!

Well said!


Funny thing is, Oculus Link/Meta Quest Link is already capable of hand tracking. Why haven't they implemented it into Oculus Dash? Why aren't Oculus PCVR titles, like VRChat, using hand tracking?