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Status: New Idea
I feel the headset would really benefit if oculus allowed users to tweak the sound settings via an equalizer app / setting.
It would be amazing if such setting allowed per app changes / profile switching as well.
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Hear hear!
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This would be awesome!
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Absolutely.  Automatic switching between settings for the built in speakers and headphones would be a must.
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Dear Meta, a lot of people use their own headset. An EQ is absolutely needed. Besides, I recently bought the Official accessory "Logitech Chorus", and I hate to say it, but it sounds terrible. There's no highs left, and mids are muffled. Only bass. Every game sounds disconnected from the experience. When firing a gun for example it sounds like someone else is firing a gun 300meter behind a wall. Probably because every game is fine tuned for the original pipe speakers. Anyway, enabling some eq settings would fix this. 


P.s. this thread should have a LOT more kudos. I think 50% of the Quest 2 owners play with headphones.

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Also bought the Chorus. Come on, this can sound so much better then this stock EQ setting. Please allow some global EQ in the settings. Its such a simple feature.




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As a sound engineer and high end audio expert I would be interested in developing equalizer software for the Oculus.  Any idea who would be the best programmers for this ?

Sure you can use external headphones to improve sound but I think for a larger portion of owners just offering a upgraded sound enhancing software to utilize the build in speakers would be practical.  


thanks Kevin

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Any progress on this, here at the end of 2023?