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Status: New Idea


Can we get a spectator camera position so we can record video or take images from another perspective instead of using the Headset view? 

Best case i'd like to position the camera where I want floating in my space. It doesn't have to be recording passthrough if that's too demanding but recording the current app so you can see the avatar playing the game 

I think this would go a long way to integrate content creators who are used to spectator setups especially in VR/MR where seeing them play in the world vs their 1st person view is more interesting


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Honored Guest

Hi, @Twiggy_110  . If you want to create videos in existing apps, I think it would be very difficult. But if just capture 3rd person video with your avatar, you can try this free tool CaptureXR which can capture video in 3d person and adjust camera position and customize background with colors, images and videos. You can download it here and hope it can help you. 

More information about it at: