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Status: New Idea

The native Quest Apps for Netflix for example only uses a resolution of 480p when streaming content and therefore looks terrible on the Quest (3). (Same for YouTube, Prime, etc..)

Please consider changing this - through contacting the original developers or building your own Meta-Media-Player of sorts.

Consuming media is cruisal for such a device but just makes absolutely NO fun right now.

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I wish there was a way to add like a Roku like experience of just being able to stream apps on a giant screen with decent resolution. But yeah this needs to be addressed. Quest 3 feels really incomplete software wise imo. 

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Yes, please! Also, allow for offline downloads of content like in their apps. 

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I watched a film on the Netflix app and it was the worst experience ever, the Q3 is held back by the software, the browser is just not good, it is slugish and doesn't support anything. And it is not just that but YouTube VR, WhatsApp , instagram, and more.

Every app needs to be overhauled, wish theyd make me a high ranking dude so I could just solve this

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Any feedback from Méta regarding this ? There are no solutions whith apps in thé Quest 3, neither whith a remonté desktop solution ( due tonDRM issues). Netflix in 480p, prime in 720, this is juste horrible. Watching movies on a Big screen was one if the reasons I purchased a Quest 3 !


Meta, please fix this. You have wonderful hearts that are gimped by inaction to push for DRM capable apps from Disney, Hulu, etc.


There is not info from meta yet... I hope they will reply on this.. this is huge 😕

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I hope this message finds you well. I'm writing to express my concern regarding the resolution limitations on native Quest apps for media streaming, such as Netflix, YouTube, and Prime Video. The current 480p resolution significantly impacts the overall viewing experience on the Quest (3) and detracts from the potential enjoyment of consuming media on the device


Hi it looks it will runs now.

Youtube does work. You csn test it here:



I agree with Netflix.

Prime is fine. The default bitrate is too low though, first thing to do is to raise it in settings.

YouTube supports high resolutions in the stock browser, I usually set it to 1080p.


If anyone is wondering how much you are missing, just copy a couple of videos from the smartphone and put them on the quest, and play them with big screen. If you have a DLNA server at home (jellyfin, plex etc) then you can even stream content. The difference in quality is a real eye opener.