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Status: New Idea

Hi everyone,

I've noticed discussions about enhancing VR experiences for those with low vision, particularly by addressing current limitations. I propose introducing a touch menu featuring a built-in magnifier tool. This concept, inspired by the interface in No Man's Sky, would utilize a virtual block hovering about the left hand in VR. With the righthand controller in VR, the block could be tapped to open up a selection of tools including a magnifier.

The magnifier could allow users to magnify any element within their VR environment, aiding visibility. Additionally, incorporating adjustable settings for colorblind users and high contrast options would further enhance accessibility. Such a tool would not only be a practical solution for current gaps in VR but also significantly reduce the challenges faced by many users, including myself.

Thank you for considering this suggestion.


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Honored Guest


On the Quest 3, the dashboad as virtual pas is quite great an d pretty handy.

However, as visually impaired , I come close to the virtual pad to read it, but it disappear to see through ;:)

It would be lovely to catch the virtual pad with one hand on each side, and drag it out to make it bigger and magnify the content.


thanks in advance for your support.