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Per existing post where the dev team claims to be waiting for Google to make an API change when the Meta Quest Android app needs to make changes to support Android 14's APIs that allow Quest Move to sync data to Fit and other connected apps. Prior versions of Android worked, but this feature has been disabled as of now and we have been asked to post as if this is a new idea.

So, to cut/paste from  @ThatGuyJacobee 

"Beginning Android 14, Google is moving their Health Connect Google Play app into a native system built-in app. This has caused the Meta Quest app to stop being able to sync data to Health Connect. Most other health apps have already had updates to adjust for this change, but the Meta Quest app still hasn't received an update to solve this."

and from @LayerCakeMakes

"The update for the Health Connect API has been rolled out with the release of Android 14 on the 4th of October and those changes were announced well in advance in early 2023. Other Apps have already adapted to these changes it's not even that hard, and shouldn't take longer than two hours according to the official Google documentation on how to do this: "


See the full thread here



It's really disappointing how this bug got treated.
Upvoted but honestly I don't expect anything to happen.
The Android App sure does deserve it's low rating.


It's honestly shameful and ridiculous from Meta. They want to be the best VR company out there, and they pull absolutely stupid moves like this. I cannot believe this. All companies move forwards, except of course Meta, they walk 5 steps backwards with each update or revision.

I wholeheartedly regret purchasing my Quest 2 AND the recent Quest 3 purchase. This is absolutely ridiculous, like lord help me, I knew Meta are low, but THIS LOW, that is incredible. The best part is that they advertise their MOVE integration when mentioning the Quest headsets, so quite literally they are deceiving the customer. Next time I will be sure to purchase elsewhere, give my money to some company which actually values their customers and doesn't remove a feature for no absolute reason out of the blue.

Quite comedic in fact... (and a TLDR for anyone reading this):
Quest App: Something doesn't work...
Android users: Reported quite literally a feature-breaking bug on Meta's very own forums (the same forum they tell you to give feedback in response to 1 star reviews on Play Store xD), a whopping 3 MONTHS ago... And to make it even better, a thing that would take a developer a few hours of work to resolve. 😁
Meta (after 3 months of no contact): Let's just disable the feature, that's a good fix that is. 👍


Meta, please fix this ASAP. It is affecting all your Android users running Android 14.

I have been following the thread mentioned in the OP post above, but came over here to add my "vote" in the hopes that this posting in the Ideas forum can help get this fix to happen sooner rather than later.


What a crazy idea...  Add a feature that was already approved back into the product.

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Just removing the feature instead of fixing the issue was a VERY poor decision which reflects a Meta culture of not actually caring about customer needs. It leaves a rancid taste in the mouth.  Fix the integration, the OP has linked the needed documentation.  I understand it will take a lot longer than a couple hours to roll this out (Testing, QMS documentation, etc...) but it is still a low resource fix that would go a long way to deliver on what you've promised.

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I got the quest 3 to move more and what a slap on the face when the move app disables features especially as critical as pairing activity tracking devices for moving...


Please let someone spend the couple of hours required to fix this

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Please get this updated, I really want this feature back. Thanks!

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What is the point of tracking fitness data on the headset and app if you can't synchronize the information with an actual health tracking app? This Google-Apple-Meta not working with each other crap has to stop, because it only frustrates the consumer and will turn us against your brands. 



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This is a key feature for Fitness VR. And don't just take my word for it, take YOUR OWN:

That blog post is barely a year old, and it's already out of date because this feature was inexplicably removed.

Please fix this so that my VR Fitness can once again be recorded as part of my overall fitness regime!