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Status: New Idea


I recently bought a quest 3 and the first thing I noticed is I wish I could set up multiple boundaries throughout my house. One would be to play games, then another one would be the couch/bed to watch videos, or to set things up. Plus depending on the game you might want the whole room to be set up or just a small space, ( also I don’t know if you can, but for some of these shooter games I would be willing to set up multiple rooms for a boundary). I think being able to save 3 to 5 different boundaries, that can be custom labeled, would be nice and save some time.  I think you will just need to prompt them to pick one before the VR launches.

For an example my list would be the following:
1. Medium Game Space (1 room)
2. Small Game Space (size of a decent size mat)
3. Watching Videos on couch
4. Watching Videos in Bed 
5. Multi rooms set for largest space

(I read somewhere that laying down has been removed, you would need to add that back as well)


My house isn’t large; people with a larger house may want to save more than 5 boundaries.

Just a thought.  Thanks for listening