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Status: New Idea

We need a better way to provide feedbacks and report bugs to Meta. Currently, the only way is to use "Report a problem" in the headset. That method actively discourages people from sending feedbacks. First, no one wants to type long paragraphs explaining a complicated issue inside the headset. Second, that system is a black hole. You do not hear anything back. No acknowledgement, no follow up questions, nothing. You don't even know if it was because you did something wrong. I personally have reported many bugs over the years, and they never got fixed. It pains me to see that old problems discovered on less popular headsets like Quest Pro are now inherited by Quest 3 and affecting more people (such as the microphone problem).

Let's create a Bug Report section in the forum. People can report bugs in a more transparent way. They can vote on the issues so Meta can adjust priority. Meta engineers can flag each issue as "acknowledged", 'unable to reproduce", "working on a fix", "fixed", or "not a bug". Both Meta and the customers will benefit from this more efficient and effective system.

Meta is constantly adding new features to the Quest platform. That's commendable. However, it has accumulated too many issues over the years, especially in the area of multiplayer and multiple accounts --  those social features that you would think is on Meta's top priority to get right. It's time to hit pause button and clean up the house. Let's start with a proper feedback channel.

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As of now Meta is still busy rolling out new features and not addressing the following pressing issues (some of which I have been reporting for years):

1) Quest 3/Pro mic issue. They are asking people for more information on the forum. This is where a designated place for reporting issues would help!

2) Quest 3 still can't have both seated and room scale boundaries at the same time. It remembers only one of them.

3) A secondary account on any Quest can't remember guardian boundary. As soon as you switch account, the boundary is lost.

4) Direct Touch sometimes bugs out and your finger can poke through the menu.

5) Multiplayer experience is still a mess. It never just works. Sometimes casting doesn't work; invites you send sometimes get lost; shared space anchor is also hit-and-miss.

That is by no means a comprehensive list of problems. But they are not new. Meta has not acknowledged most of them. I don't even know if they are aware. That's why we need a Bug Report section for proper, two-way communications.