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Status: New Idea

Dr. Michael Vallance EdD., MSc., BSc (Hons)

Researcher of VR in Education

20 August 2023

Subject: Proposal for the Creation of an Education Hub at Meta


I am writing to propose an innovative and impactful initiative that I believe aligns perfectly with Meta's mission of democratizing Virtual Reality (VR)  development and advancing technology for positive change. This proposal outlines the concept and benefits of establishing an Education Hub within Meta, dedicated to educators who have created Virtual Reality (VR) educational activities and wish to share them with the Meta community for free.


The proposed Education Hub will serve as a dedicated platform within Meta where educators can upload, showcase, and share VR educational activities they have developed. This platform will foster collaboration, knowledge exchange, and the dissemination of high-quality educational content within the Meta community. Educators will have the opportunity to contribute to the growth of VR in education while gaining recognition for their valuable contributions.


Key Objectives:

  •         Promote Education and VR Technology: The Education Hub will encourage educators to explore the potential of VR technology in learning environments, fostering innovation and creativity in educational content creation.
  •         Community Engagement: The platform will facilitate interaction between educators, developers, and learners, creating a collaborative ecosystem that shares expertise and best practices in VR educational development.
  •         Free Resource Sharing: Educators will be able to freely upload and share their VR educational activities, promoting open access to quality educational content for a global audience.
  •         Recognition and Incentives: The Education Hub will recognize educators for their contributions, motivating them to continue creating impactful VR educational experiences.


Features of the Education Hub:

  •         Content Upload and Showcase: Educators can upload their VR educational activities, including lesson plans, 3D models, environments, and interactive simulations.
  •         User Ratings and Reviews: Users can provide feedback, ratings, and reviews, encouraging continuous improvement and maintaining content quality.
  •         Educator Profiles: Each educator will have a profile showcasing their contributions and achievements, enhancing their reputation within the Meta community.
  •         Categories and Tagging: Content will be organized into categories (e.g., science, history, mathematics) and tagged for easy search and discovery.
  •         Collaboration Spaces: Educators can collaborate on joint projects, fostering cross-disciplinary initiatives and diverse learning experiences.



  • Education Advancement: The Education Hub will accelerate the adoption of VR technology in education by providing educators with resources to create immersive and engaging learning experiences.
  • Community Growth: Meta's community will expand to include educators, fostering cross-pollination of ideas between game developers and educators.
  • Positive Brand Image: Meta will be recognized as a pioneer in promoting the intersection of technology and education, showcasing its commitment to social impact.
  • Innovation Showcase: The Education Hub will highlight Meta's commitment to innovation beyond traditional VR game development.


Next Steps:

I propose initiating a collaboration to develop and implement the Education Hub. My team is prepared to work closely with Meta's development and community engagement teams to design and launch this platform.

I believe that the creation of an Education Hub within Meta will have a profound impact on education and technology. I kindly request an opportunity to further discuss this proposal and explore its potential benefits for Meta and the wider education community.


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Thanks for the kudos. I wonder if anyone from Meta actually reads these ideas ... or whether this proposal of a Meta Education Hub (MEH) really is  meh . Ah well 😕