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Status: New Idea

This is not a 'new' idea, but I was told to put it here. Back in v23 this Android feature was disabled, but there are many use cases for using an Ethernet adapter for quests. For me personally, I would use it to reduce ping jitter in competitive games. Others may use it if their quests wifi breaks, or if wifi becomes unavailable for some reason... Please consider re-enabling the Ethernet to USB driver!

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It really does help, my ping with Ethernet can range from 20-30 while it used to spike in 100s and made games sort of unenjoyable

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Ethernet is also useful if you want to download a large game or movie files at a faster speed than WiFi.


Not everybody has a super extensive 802.11ax router.

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I made use of this in the past and it was a shame it was disabled.  I'm a dev and due to networking issues with unreal engine I can't connect a headset to the same network as the server so it would be of use to me to be able to just hook up a cable from a different network (that does not have wifi) within the building.

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I was also disappointed to see this removed as in the past it helped greatly for the stability of my connection to my router (the wlan drops out sometimes)

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Ethernet makes such a big difference when doing any sort of remote gaming. In the grand scheme of things, is there really such a huge benefit from removing it from the kernel?

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WiFi is always an unreliable connection for high performance networking. 


Please add Ethernet to USB driver back!

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Please do - this is more than just a nice to have (at least until 6Ghz based wifi solution is common place) especially for the Metaverse based hybrid work solutions, having random wifi related latency and disconnects is extremely annoying

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My apartment mesh wifi network constantly drops connection on the Quest. Having an Ethernet option would let me actually play multiplayer games. 

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Though wifi is emerging faster, it still can't match the ethernet speed yet. I have 200gbps LAN connection but I am not able to utilize it since oculus supports only wifi.

Please re-enable this as soon as possible.

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I think ethernet over usb is key to use quest and a pc for virtual screen in a coffee shop, where the environment wifi is just not gonna have the throughput to operate multiple screens comfortably in low compression or high res mode. 

That, or people will have to carry a wifi6 router to the coffee shop too.