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Status: New Idea

As explained here: "Admin must unlock headset after it restarts" - Meta Community Forums - 1048113 ( ... please make this security feature optional. Making it mandatory basically makes it impossible to share this otherwise great device between household members. I'm convinced this is not what Meta is trying to achieve. If I, as the owner of the device, decide which secondary accounts I want to add, I also want to decide if they need my help to use it (I think in most cases the owner does not want this).



School holidays coming and my teens will not be able to use their devices unless I unlock them for them. Impossible when I am at work. What idiot came up with this?

This 'feature' needs to be optional or removed.

Honored Guest
Honored Guest

I agree. this is the most annoying and useless "Feature" I've ever seen.  Please remove it or at least make it something the Admin can disable. 

Honored Guest

This change is absolutely stupid. Meta, get rid of this feature. Makes it so my family can't use my Quest without giving them my unlock pattern or being there myself to unlock it. 

Honored Guest

This is the dumbest feature. It makes it impossible for me to share the device without my personal presence. This function can only be useful for companies, but not for private use, where I only share the device with my family members. Please remove this useless feature or make it optional.

Honored Guest

Agreed.  This is horrible.  My 3 kids have to ask me multiple times a day to unlock the Oculus.  This is HORRIBLE.  This needs to be fixed ASAP.  The product owner for this feature needs to get a fire lit under their ass because from a usability standpoint this literally makes no sense.

Honored Guest

Possibly the least thought out feature I've seen implemented. So I have parental controls in place, but I need to share my pattern for my child to use the device so I don't have to be entering it multiple times a day. Now they can change any settings, make purchases, interact with my accounts etc with that pattern. Brilliant, it's like having to give my child the password to my bank account so they can log into their own. 

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Completely agree!

Honored Guest

This is STUPID!! My niece can’t play in her Quest Pro without needing me to log in every single time. It didn’t do this before. This is terribly inconvenient. 

Why would Meta make this ridiculous change? 

Honored Guest

Yup- terrible security "feature".  DELETE!